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For many small business owners like you, transforming their business from being a ‘job’ they created for themselves into a ‘business’ that can scale is extremely challenging; Whether it be due to lack of capital… not enough time in the day… the inability to find or train the talent needed… or simply the unwillingness to delegate and let go.

As business owners, we find ourselves thinking, “if I only had 10 of me, things would be great!”

Sound familiar? Last thing we want is to become the bottleneck to scaling our own business.

Online Marketing Muscle’s Clone the Owner™ methodology aims to help small business owners overcome these challenges by leveraging the know-how coupled with best-in-class systems to build the business of their dreams.

The 2 Core Ways We Can Help

Marketing Coaching & Strategy
Done "WITH" You

Coaching & Strategy Programs

Uncover WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and WHEN to do it for maximum impact and results.

On top of that, we keep you sharp, motivated and accountable to what you said you want!

Sales & Marketing Automation
Done "FOR" You

Sales & Marketing Automation

Leverage the POWER of Sales & Marketing Automation to scale your business.

The secret sauce here… best-in-class CRM software Infusionsoft®!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Dr. Gregg Baron Testimonial

“Stop trying to tackle the online community by yourself and create a SYSTEM with Online Marketing Muscle. SYSTEM stands for Save Yourself Stress, Time, Energy and Money.”

Dr. Gregg Baron

Rob Avants Testimonial

“Online Muscle Marketing is a fantastic resource and a must if you are looking to increase sales, streamline business processes, develop successful marketing strategies and campaigns, and ultimately grow your business.”

Rob Avants

Larry Densen Testimonial

“If you want great results from your marketing, call Online Marketing Muscle. They have helped us triple our business over the last 3 years.”

Larry Densen


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