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Big Results Require Great STRATEGY

Step 1: PLAN it is all about determining the best possible combination of digital marketing strategies and tactics for your small business. We call this ‘Your Unique Marketing Recipe for Success’!

To assist you, we offer both Coaching & Strategy programs as well as several marketing events throughout the year. Our aim is to help you get clear on exactly…

  • WHAT to do,
  • HOW to do it, and
  • WHEN to do it for maximum impact and results.

At Online Marketing Muscle, it’s always about the bottom line… yours!


Shorten Your Path To Online Success

Step 2: BUILD it focuses on building-out the digital marketing components and systems needed to implement your marketing plan. HINT… it all begins and ends with a GREAT website.

Our website design services aren’t only about simple ‘brochure style’ websites… that would be too easy. We believe in results. So we work with our Clients to design, develop and integrate marketing funnels and landing page systems aimed at improving lead generation and lead conversion efforts.

Hey, this stuff has to do something for your business, doesn’t it?! 😉


It’s NOT Build It And They Will Come

Step 3: WORK it! Whether you prefer to outsource some or all of your marketing plan, Step 3 is where you can leverage our proven marketing systems and know-how to execute your marketing plan on your behalf.

Some of our agency’s more popular online marketing services include:

  • Inbound Marketing to help you in your lead generation efforts;
  • Sales & Marketing Automation to help you in your lead conversion efforts. Here we leverage the best tool in its class, Infusionsoft®;
  • Marketing Coaching where we keep you sharp, motivated and accountable to what you said you want for your small business!

Request A Discovery Session

Before choosing us as your digital marketing agency, we firmly believe that it’s critical to determine whether or not we are a right fit for one another. Agree? Hope so. Well there’s only one way to find out. Let’s talk.

No sales pitch… no hassle… no obligation. Just a simple conversation to determine if it makes sense to go forward together. Fair enough?

What Our Clients Are Saying

We’ve been doing this a long time… since 2004 to be exact. Our proven digital marketing agency provides the stimulus needed for quick results and rapid growth. But hey… as we always say… don’t take our word for it… check these out!

Digital Marketing Agency Testimonial via Dr. Gregg Baron

“Stop trying to tackle the online community by yourself and create a SYSTEM with Online Marketing Muscle. SYSTEM stands for Save Yourself Stress, Time, Energy and Money.”

Dr. Gregg Baron

Digital Marketing Agency Testimonial via Rob Avants

“Online Muscle Marketing is a fantastic resource and a must if you are looking to increase sales, streamline business processes, develop successful marketing strategies and campaigns, and ultimately grow your business.”

Rob Avants

Digital Marketing Agency Testimonial via Larry Densen

“If you want great results from your marketing, call Online Marketing Muscle… my digital marketing agency of choice. They have helped us triple our business over the last 3 years.”

Larry Densen


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