10 Killer Marketing Strategies Any of Which If Implemented Correctly, All But Guarantee You Expert Status in Your Field

So you want to be considered an expert at what you do. I can’t say I blame you. Lots of perks seem to come with it – fame, fortune – regardless of your reasons though, what I’m going to present to you here are 10 very powerful marketing strategies that you can leverage immediately to make that happen.

➊ Press Relations (PR)

It’s one thing if I tell you I’m an expert at what I do, it’s quite another if someone else does – especially the press! Become a dependable resource for the press and watch your credibility, visibility, and reach, soar!

➋ Endorsements & Referrals

Similar premise here as PR but with a slight twist… this is more like trust by association. Getting recommended by someone your desired audience already trusts creates instant leverage and possibility.

➌ Publish a Book

Simply put, there are not many things that seem to bring as much credibility as a well-written and marketed book. People just look at you differently (in a good way) when you’re a published author.

➍ Article Marketing

Posses the power of the pen but not yet ready to write a book? Then article marketing may be just the ticket! You can start out by writing a simple ‘how to’ article on your subject matter and leverage it everywhere. Submit it to dozens of targeted article directories on the Internet… get it published in a major trade publication… send it to prospects as a means to keep in touch and add value… and we can go on and on and on here. This is a very powerful strategy for driving traffic your way – both online and off.

➎ Publish a Newsletter

This is one of the best ways to stay in front of your target market and position yourself as an authority on your topic. Yes there are tons of newsletters already out there however I firmly believe in the premise that there’s enough of an audience available for all of us.

➏ Public Speaking

No fear of public speaking? Then definitely leverage this marketing strategy! I’ve seen masterful performers deliver their spiel and have attendees literally jump out of their seats and run to the back of the room to take advantage of an offer the speaker just made. Just go see T. Harv Eker speak and you’ll know what I mean.

➐ Blogging

Bloggers have their own little universe and it’s hugely popular and addictive! More importantly though, bloggers tend to be very loyal and are active participants – a perfect fit for an expert willing to lead. Combine wit and wisdom in your own blog and you’re golden.

➑ Podcasting

Similar to bloggers, podcasters also have their own little universe packed with a dedicated audience hungry for input. If you’ve got the voice talent, this is an excellent strategy to leverage.

➒ Host a Radio Show

Want to take your podcasting skills up a notch? Then think radio! – Whether offline with traditional radio or online with Internet radio, there is plenty of opportunity and audience here. Not ready to start your own radio show yet? Then become a regular guest expert on someone else’s.

➓ Streaming Video

Video is exploding all over the Internet right now. Amateurs are posting videos everywhere… on their blogs, on their websites, on popular sites such as YouTube… If you’ve got the look, confidence, and charisma to pull this one off, I say go for it – video is very influential – just think movie star.

So in Closing...

I’d like to leave you with a few implementation tips.

First, you don’t need to do all of these marketing strategies to ensure expert status. My recommendation, just start with the one that resonates the most with you right now and focus on that one until it’s working for you. Become known for your excellence using it and then when and if it makes sense for you, incorporate others as you see fit.

Second, remember the old adage… “Anything worth doing is worth doing well”. So if you’re going to do it, do it to the best of your ability.

And lastly, becoming the perceived expert doesn’t come overnight – it takes consistent, diligent effort, and maybe a few breaks along the way as well to make it happen. So be patient with yourself and trust your instincts.

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