Is Your Marketing Ignoring These 2 Critical Target Markets?


We all know how difficult it can be to get clients in the first place… so… Are you experiencing attrition? In other words are you losing clients out the back door almost as fast as you are bringing new ones in the front door?
Or how about your team

Have you lost team members that you invested time and energy to both attain and train?

And from the marketing efforts you are doing to back-fill those positions, do you seem to be attracting all kinds of “crazies” looking to get paid without actually having to do the work?

If any of these questions rings true for you then you will want to tune into this video segment where I simplify and identify 2 critical target markets that if properly marketed to, can mitigate the aforementioned business challenges and put you on a path to greater success.

For those of you who prefer to read the transcript:

Hi we all know how difficult it is to get clients in the first place, so let me ask you a question. Is your business losing clientele out the back door? We call this attrition. And also, how about employees? Are you having difficulty finding new talent? Are you having difficulty keeping the employees you currently have?

If any of these are true for you you’re going to want to tune into this segment that I call “Is your marketing ignoring these 2 critical target markets?”

Hi I’m Dean Mercado from Online Marketing Muscle and what I have for you here today is going to be a little bit interesting, a little different spin to what we traditionally call marketing. Now a lot of times I talk to businesses and they will express their difficulties with a lot of the things that I mentioned in the couple of questions before when it comes to attrition, losing clients out the back door, whether it’s to a competitor whether it’s to somebody choosing to do the work themselves, whatever it is, as well as having difficulty finding new talent, losing the talent that they have, those kinds of things. Let’s talk about what these two target markets are.

Existing Clients

Now, the first target market are those that have the ability to hire us. Those that have the ability to hire us. So having a marketing plan aimed around those who have the ability to hire us is a great idea obviously. There are a couple of different components of that and I want to dissect it a little bit here because I think it’s important. Most of us do it half way where we market our business toward new prospective clients only. New clients, new prospects only, but we neglect and we don’t put enough thought into a lot of times, I’m not saying you’re doing this, I’m just saying that I see this a lot. We ignore our existing clients, we do not have a marketing plan in place to keep our existing clients warm.

Now leaving it just up to customer service may not be the best bet. What are we doing to keep our existing clients interested, educated and in love with us, ultimately in love with us. Those who have the ability to hire us, our existing clients and our prospective clients. Make sure that you have a plan and you’re addressing both sides of that coin. Very important.

Team Member Relationships

Now let’s take another angle at this. The second big target market that I see most people just flat out missing altogether, again, I’m not saying you’re doing it, I’m just saying I see this constantly and it is those that have the ability or marketing to those who have the ability to help us. Not hire us per se, but to help us. Now what do I mean by that? I mean staff members, potential staff members, I mean joint venture partners, affiliate partners, referral partners, networking partners, any way you want to look at it those that have the ability to help us, those who are on our team, accountants, attorneys, bankers, they’re all part of your team.

What are you doing to keep them in love with you? So if they’re your existing team marketing to your existing team is very important. This is how we keep our existing team. We keep our existing team in love with us so they’re not easily wooed away by someone else presenting with a better deal and a better offer.

Just like clients, it’s the same kind of thing. We’ve got to work to keep the people that are on our team in love with us. It’s relationships. All about relationships. Now on the flip side of that same coin we need to do enough marketing to attract those we want to help us in the future. So that could be again, employees, potential JV partners, potential affiliate partners, potential referral partners or however you call it bankers, attorneys. Who do you want on your team and what kind of marketing are you putting together on a consistent basis to attract those types of people toward you?

So again, real quick the two target markets, those who have the ability to hire us, those who have the ability to help us. And remember in each one of those there’s two sides of the coin. There’s the existing clients, prospective clients. The existing team and the prospective team.


Think about this. I want you to chew on this one a little bit and see, take a look at your marketing and take a step back for a minute and look at it from afar and say are we marketing to both of those target markets? And are we marketing to the different segments within the those target markets? I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say about that one. It’s a little bit of a different spin, love to hear what you’ve got going on and a little action item for you.

What three things and this can kind of be a big thing?  Three things can you do this week for each one of those segments, to market to each one of those segments. For example, what three things can you do to attract new prospective clients? What three things can you do this week to keep your existing clients in love with you? What three things can you do this week to attract new team? What three things can you do this week to keep your existing team in love with you? 


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