How well is your website performing? How do you know? In this video find 3 measurements for business owners to determine whether their website is a great website or not.

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Hi this is Dean Mercado from Online Marketing Muscle and welcome, welcome to this segment where I’ve got something pretty cool for you.

As a business owner, I’m always looking and thinking what’s important. What matters? What makes a difference?

So what I have for you here today is a business owner’s top 3 measurements or metrics to tell if their website is a good website or a great website. So that being said what I’m going to hand to you here is not all the techie jargon and stuff that people say oh you have to measure all of this stuff. Time on a page and page views and that’s all great, but really what’s important for as a business owner to know. So number one is your website attracting. Attracting. Your ideal target market. Is it magnetically drawing them in? Now this can be accomplished in several ways. It can be the SEO you are using on every page, on every blog post. It could be the copywriting that you’re putting out there on your website, across your website. It could be the graphic design. That stimulating design that’s just making people feel like wow, this is the place to be. Because we’re very visual people remembers. So yes you can use numbers like number of unique visits. That will give you an idea of how many people are coming. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re your target market though, but it’s a good place for you to start. Understanding is your website getting the traffic. If it’s not getting the traffic, then really what is it there for?

Is it meeting your ultimate goal if you’re not getting any eyes on it what good is it doing for you regardless of your business.  Second big point we want to make, ok we got your target market coming, you’re getting those visits to your website. Second big thing is are they engaging with you? Are they sinking their teeth in? Are they commenting on your blog? Are they engaging you on your own website? Very very important. Very important for a lot of reasons. You kind of want your audience being comfortable interacting with you. You don’t want them to feel intimidated or they’re in the wrong place. They’re engaging you, that’s great. The simplest way is to increase the comments. Give people a reason to comment.

Fantastic, now the third thing I want to give you, number three has to do a little bit more with getting results. Are they taking the desired action that you have for them on each specific page, specific blog post and keep in mind every page or post can have its own call to action. What’s the desired action you want them to take? Now depending on your business, this could take on multiple forms. It could be you want them to share this blog post out on social media that creates social signals for you. It could be you want them to give you a back link because they love the content so much you want them to link to it, link to that page or blog post from their own website. Great so you’re getting back links. It could be you want them to sign up for a special offer you have or an ethical bribe you’ve given out there or whatever it is. Getting them to sign up for something so that they get on your mailing list. So now you have a prospect to market to. So there are so many different things that you can do here. But the ultimate might be for many of you businesses out there is your phone ringing. Is your phone ringing? If we take that first number attracting and we say we’re just looking at number of visitors. How do we tell if they are quality visitors or how do we tell if we’re doing the right thing to convert that traffic is are they calling us? What’s the percentage, what’s the conversion rate? If they are showing up at our webpage. If 50 people showed up and 10 called us, 10 out of 50, not bad. OK 20 percent, that’s a high conversion rate. Now again, it depends on your business and what you want. So think about this folks, attract, engage and taking your desired action. Those are three big things. I know me as a business owner, I’m very concerned with. And there are technical and non-technical ways to really look at that. I’m going non-technical here because that’s really what matters. OK so hope you enjoyed this segment. There are millions of other metrics you could keep yes, you could definitely comment on the blog and let us know what you think are the most important things to track. I’d love to hear that kind of information.

And for now, Dean Mercado with Online Marketing Muscle. Here’s to your success!

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