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3 Keys to Great Execution

Regardless of how well a business plans for growth, without consistent and persistent execution, that plan is useless. This video discusses 3 keys to help businesses execute their plans more effectively to create results.


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2 thoughts on “3 Keys to Great Execution”

  1. A great tip about focusing on your strategy and implementing the 3 things where you have the most success. I encourage clients to have a presence in most or all social media venues but as they progress, concentrate more time where they are experiencing more success. Often, they spread their engagement minimally and get no results and get discouraged. However, when they spend more time on chosen sites, their time and effort produces much better results.

    1. Yes.. I am glad you are getting the gold in this week’s blog.. Business owners are way too busy to spread ourselves thin. If we like what we are doing and see results… We will do it more often. Thanks for sharing Diane!

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