3 Ways to Incorporate Social Media Into Your Website

According to Media Bistro®, 75 percent of U.S. consumers rely on social media to make purchasing decisions. So while Twitter or Facebook might not be the only factor they consider before swiping their credit cards, it makes sense for business owners to incorporate social media accounts into their websites. Fortunately, WordPress website design experts have made it easy to combine multiple online profiles or pages with a WordPress site.

➊ Embedding Social Media Posts on Web Pages

Sites like Twitter and Instagram allow users to embed their posts from those platforms into their websites. In WordPress, users copy the URL for a Tweet, then paste the URL into the post or page where they want it to appear. When they publish the page, visitors see the embedded Tweet. To embed a Facebook post, users click on the drop-down arrow on the Facebook post and select “Embed Post,” then copy and paste that code just like they do with Tweets.

This web development strategy helps businesses start conversations with customers, vendors, colleagues, and other social media users. It also creates a record of posts on a web property the business owns, which is helpful if the social media platform ever goes away.

➋ Creating Social Media Widgets

Businesses can create their hashtags, then use their social media accounts and their WordPress websites to track the hashtags’ progress. Twitter, for example, allows users to create their WordPress widgets to track the spread of hashtags from the very beginning.

Other WordPress widgets allow users to customize their social media integration. For example, adding a list of recent Tweets or Facebook posts to the website sidebar will encourage customers to click over and follow the business through those platforms.

➌ Using Multiple Social Media Buttons

Buttons or icons provide links to a business’s social media accounts. Some buttons link to the main profile page, while others direct users to share specific posts, pages, or products. Both button types are beneficial for increasing one’s web presence.

One way businesses can set themselves apart is by creating customized icons that match the design of their website. Ask about customized icons when hiring a professional for web design services.

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