5 Action Steps for Small Businesses to Avoid Costly Pitfalls

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A great question was brought up in one of the LinkedIn discussion groups I belong to. A member asked “What are the top five mistakes residential cleaning companies tend to make?”

First I want to congratulate this business owner for having the guts reach out for advice. It seems to me, this person is already on their path to avoiding mistakes in the first place by seeking advice from peers. Also Thanks, for inspiring this blog.

Here are my 5 action steps for any small business owner to integrate into their daily routine and cut down costly pitfalls:

➊ Commit to be strategic!

Day to Day operations can really get in the way of growth… Why not make a weekly appointment with yourself just for planning? Take time to work on your business, rather than in your business! Reflect on the current position of your business and give an honest and realistic assessment.

➋  Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

For most small businesses marketing is overlooked… Create your own plan to dominate the competition and get the word out about your company!  A good marketing plan should cover at least one year. Make sure it will address the ups and downs of the market.

➌  Thinking You Can Do it All

Yes, you started out devoted to your company and willing to do whatever it takes for success. Take time to build in a plan to replace yourself. Whether you have a small business or a big business it can consume you. Smart entrepreneurs value the art of delegation and let go of the tasks that keeps them from growing their business.

➍  Forgetting Rule #1 “The Customer Comes First”

Often I have found that many small business owners concentrate too much on finding “brand new” customers. One of the quickest ways to cash is to sell more to the customers we have today.  Focus your energy and your time on what you already have. Why not have a campaign aimed getting exiting customers to buy more often.

➎  Find Your Own Personal Think-Tank

The best business people in the world find ways to get outside non-agenda opinion. They know that even the most loyal employees can be swayed by their own agendas. A great Small Business Owner must learn to spot those peers, friends or consultants who can give you unvarnished straight up and honest advice.

What have you learned from your own mistakes?

Are there any points here that you agree or disagree with?

What is your favorite point?

Feel free to comment right here on our blog.

I look forward to hearing you thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “5 Action Steps for Small Businesses to Avoid Costly Pitfalls”

  1. Thank you for you action steps for small businesses to avoid costly pitfalls. I believe that careful assessment is really important. From there, owners can make strategies and and implement them.

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