Automated Marketing Campaigns To Boost Your Business

5 Automated Marketing Campaign Ideas You Can Use To Boost Business Today

Marketing campaigns are essential to every business that hopes to grow. Period. They help drive your company’s numbers and build relationships with customers. The problem is it’s not always easy to come up with marketing campaign ideas, let alone ones you can automate.

Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. One such solution is to implement automated marketing campaigns that target different segments of your audience; Better yet, during different points in their customer journey. These campaigns can create new sales and marketing automation opportunities for your business.

Perhaps their most important advantage is how they free you to focus on other tasks that cannot be automated or delegated.

So, the question is, what are some good automated marketing campaign ideas?

If that’s what you want to know, you’re in luck! Here are five automated marketing campaign ideas that can help grow your business.

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    1. Welcome (indoctrinate) New Subscribers

    Did you know that email subscribers are more engaged with welcome emails than any other message you send them?

    Digital Information World found that 82% of people open emails welcoming them to the mailing list.

    Wow, that’s a power you can leverage!

    Welcome emails are an excellent way to draw your subscriber deeper into a relationship with your brand. Focus on ways to make this welcome email campaign as robust as possible.

    So, what should you include in your welcome email?

    Start by giving your new subscriber an idea of what they can expect by introducing them to the brand in more detail.

    Send some follow-up emails at appropriate intervals to shed more light on your benefits. When somebody first joins your mailing list, think of it as a first date with someone you are interested in getting to know. They’re fascinated by what you have to say, so use that!

    If you gain subscribers through a form on your website, you can connect your form builder app to your sales automation software through various apps. This strategy allows you to build an automated workflow that adds these subscribers to your welcome email campaign.

    2. Deliver Lead Magnets

    Automated marketing campaigns are perfect tools for delivering lead magnets to subscribers. A lead magnet is any product or service your audience deems valuable enough to exchange their contact information.

    The most important part of a lead magnet pitch is the follow-through. Once somebody accepts the pitch, your priority is to deliver the goods. Fortunately, automated emails can do most of the heavy lifting here.

    If you can transmit your lead magnet through email, consider creating an email series that continuously provides value to your audience. This method works best when your lead magnet happens to be some form of information.

    For example, let’s say your lead magnet is an ebook about the subscriber’s field. In your first email, deliver that eBook. From there, send several follow-up emails with more information about their field.

    3. Upsell / Cross-sell Other Products and Services

    Once a customer purchases one of your products, all your hard work pays off. Don’t rest on your laurels, though! 

    Now that you’ve gotten them to buy a product, you may want to become that customer’s reliable provider of all products and services related to their particular need.

    To develop that relationship, customers need exposure to other products and services that can also serve them.

    So, let’s talk about ways you can do that.

    Once again, sales automation tools provide a mechanism for this. You can use two primary strategies to present customers with other products.

    First, if the customer has already purchased something from you, upsell or cross-sell them other items they may like. To get the most bang-for-the-buck here, set this up in advance and trigger it automatically once a purchase happens.

    Second, tag subscribers based on the links they click in your emails. You can also investigate what pages they visit on your website. Finally, send targeted emails with discounts that incentivize them to purchase products they’ve looked at.

    Lot’s of possibilities here.

    4. Offer Limited-Time Discounts

    Limited-time offers are a tried and true method for increasing sales immediately. Each year, when Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around, workers across America spend countless hours writing emails about limited-time offers.

    Imagine how much time you could save if you didn’t have to rewrite those emails every time. Fortunately, it’s not just wishful thinking! You can automate this process instead. Write them once, and then automate them in a campaign.

    Sales automation software allows several options for this. You can create teaser emails, countdowns, promotions, and more. For example, you can tag people who abandon their carts while shopping online and automatically trigger a follow-up campaign to get them to resume shopping. 

    Again, lot’s of possibilities here.

    5. Gather Subscriber Feedback

    When you build a sizeable subscription list, it’s easy to see those names as nothing but numbers. You can fall into the trap of seeing their sole purpose as purchasing your products. However, your subscribers can be a wealth of information.

    One way to harness those resources is to send surveys. Surveys can provide you with critical data to help improve your business performance.

    Once you’ve collected your data, thoroughly examine it. 

    What areas seem to be most successful? 

    What products or resources went underutilized by customers? 

    These metrics can help you improve for the next quarter or business year.

    Let's Recap...

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    Start Using These 5 Automated Marketing Campaign Ideas Today

    Automated marketing campaigns can work wonders for improving your business. They create new opportunities to build relationships with customers and add more room to your schedule.


    Would you like some help automating some of your sales and marketing campaigns?

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