7 Keys to Getting Your Marketing Message Noticed and Acted Upon

Discover 7 keys to getting your marketing message noticed and acted upon.

Is your marketing falling on deaf ears? Did you know that the average person is bombarded with about 2400 marketing messages every day – and you can probably double or even triple that number if that same person walks into a supermarket. Why that constant bombardment should be enough to drive each of us insane. So how do we combat that? Well basically over time we’ve learned to tune it out – we simply have conditioned ourselves to ignore the marketing messages. Now does this complicate our jobs as marketers? You bet it does! Some would think you need to be a creative genius to get your marketing message noticed let alone acted upon. Now I don’t believe the life of a marketer is that difficult yet, however I do believe that it’s now more important than ever to take your marketing more seriously.

So as marketers, and yes I do believe that we’re all marketers, what are we to do? Well here are 7 keys to getting your marketing messages noticed and acted upon:

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➊ Streamline Your Marketing

Don’t aimlessly contribute to the chaotic marketing attack – 2400 hundred marketing messages in a day is insane. Don’t throw your marketing message into the abyss while you cross your fingers hoping that someone is sitting idly by anxiously awaiting your marketing message. It just doesn’t work like that. So how do you streamline your marketing you ask? Well for starters, carefully plan your marketing. Make sure that your target market is clearly defined and communicate to them in a manner and frequency that they will appreciate. In the long run you’ll not only save a fortune in misspent marketing dollars but you’ll gain far more credibility with your target market.

➋ Establish Market Relevance

What real problems does your product or service solve for your target market? Can this be tied into any current events? What makes your product or service any better, cheaper or faster than that of your competition? Why should your target market buy from you? Command attention from your target market by answering these questions and sharing those answers as part of your marketing message.

➌ Shut Up and Listen

Stephen Covey says it best, “Seek first to understand and then to be understood”.
Stop doing all he talking and start listening for a change – at least long enough to understand your target market; especially in terms of what they want and how do they want to be communicated to.

➍ Build Lasting Relationships

It takes two to tango. Keep in mind here though that you don’t just want one dance with your clients, you’re in this for the long haul. You want to dance over and over and over again until one of you can’t dance no more. So remember, good relationships are not built on one-way streets – it’s the genuine interaction between two parties that makes them good.

➎ Create a Buzz

The formula here is simple. Be unique and noteworthy and people will gladly share your story for you.

➏ Dare to be Different

Creating and delivering effective marketing is not for the meek – you need to continually find ways to stand out from the daily gluttony of marketing messages clouding your target market’s minds. If you haven’t yet read “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin, now would probably be a good time to do so. Seth Godin does a fine job on showing you how you can make your business not only different but, remarkable.

➐ Don't Be So Stingy

Everyone loves free stuff! Don’t be afraid to give free taste tests. Let your target market try a sample of what you offer. And remember the Law of Reciprocity, when you give freely to others, they feel inclined to give back one way or another.

So in closing, I highly encourage you to take these 7 keys and find ways to employ them in your business today.


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