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7 Team Members Any Successful Entrepreneur Cannot Live Without

Being mentored by quite a few great business minds over the years, there was one concept that they all seemed to go on and on about over and over again with me – and that was the concept and power of “TEAM”.

What are the 7 team members that a successful entrepreneur cannot live without? 

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For several years, I have to admit, I just didn’t get it. I thought I was being smart and properly frugal… seemingly saving thousands of dollars in hard-earned cash by doing it all myself.

Sound familiar at all?

Starting out as many entrepreneurs do with a Lone Ranger mentality, I was constantly pulling myself up by my bootstraps… in an endless struggle to make ends meet… always wondering what’s going on here. I’m smart… I’m talented… I’m a good person… so why the struggle? This shouldn’t be this difficult. What’s the problem?

Well in my case… and I know I’m not alone here… I was the problem! I was unknowingly standing in my own way to success. I had been essentially keeping my business in its infancy stage by holding onto behaviors that no longer served me. Just like a child who wants to do it themselves or, the stingy child who holds their toys close and doesn’t want to share.

Sound familiar at all?

Now there are some powerful child-like behaviors that bode really well in business. Take imagination for instance. Just imagine what’s possible for your business if you properly employ the concept of TEAM. Now there are so many possibilities for team members that can help move you closer to your vision for your business, however these 7 seem to be a staple amongst many of the successful entrepreneurs I know:

1. Virtual Assistant to handle a variety of tasks that simply are not the best use of your time any longer. These tasks can range anywhere from doing research for you to sending out your newsletter each week.

2. Business Coach to lend overall business guidance and a non-biased, unemotional opinion. It is best if this team member is someone who has been where you want to be with your business.

3. Marketing Expert to help put together and potentially execute an overall marketing strategy for your business. It is best if this team member has an understanding of your industry as well as has an arsenal of marketing knowledge to provide you with an array of marketing strategies to choose from.

4. Webmaster to help you professionally take your business’ vision online. No, your 12 year old nephew won’t suffice here… that is of course if you’d like to stay in business for long. So take care to choose a Webmaster who can effectively create and maintain your online presence.

5. Bookkeeper to keep your financial house in order. They will crunch your numbers, organize your paperwork needed to do your taxes, and produce reports for you to use in decision making.

6. Accountant to pick up where your bookkeeper leaves off. This team member should provide more specific guidance on how to keep more of and maximize your hard-earned dollars as well as handling your taxes for you.

7. Lawyer to help you protect your interests as your business grows. I know it’s sad, but protecting ourselves is a necessary evil.

So in closing, I hate to be the one to break it to you but business is a team sport. Go it alone at your own peril! It’s just not smart to think that it’s best to do it yourself… I don’t care what your financial situation is. If there is someone you can add to your team that can do it better, faster, or cheaper than you, do yourself a huge favor and please consider them. That is of course so long as you use that time you’ve saved by hiring them to do something revenue generating.

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