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Based on Long Island, NY (Hauppauge to be specific), Online Marketing Muscle® is a marketing automation agency that helps service-based small to mid-sized businesses around the globe leverage the power of the Internet to expand their credibility, visibility, and reach.

Using a unique combination of Internet Marketing Coaching (to teach our clients how to fish) and Internet Marketing Consulting (when our clients just want us to give them the fish), we see ourselves as ‘beacons of light’ helping our clients focus on the right solution at the right time to achieve their ‘fastest path to cash.’

growing small business


For many small business owners like you, transforming their business from being a ‘job’ they created for themselves into a ‘business’ that can scale is extremely challenging; Whether it be due to lack of capital… not enough time in the day… the inability to find or train the talent needed… or simply the unwillingness to delegate and let go.

As business owners, we find ourselves thinking, “if I only had 10 of me, things would be great!”

Sound familiar? Last thing we want is to become the bottleneck to scaling our own business.

Online Marketing Muscle’s Clone the Owner™ methodology aims to help small business owners overcome these challenges by leveraging the know-how coupled with best-in-class systems to build the business of their dreams.


Founded in June of 2004… an eternity in the online world… Online Marketing Muscle was the result of founder Dean Mercado’s pursuit to satisfy his entrepreneurial-bug. Not just with any business though. There were major stipulations. 

Living by the concept of “how you do anything is how you do everything”… a concept Dean and his wife (and business partner) Andrea Mercado adopted and adapted from a man named T. Harv Eker at one of his seminars… there were conditions. The business had to be a sustainable one in a growing industry. Additionally, it had to be one that leveraged Dean’s three core strengths and passions together… technology, marketing and leadership.

Despite warnings by peers and so-called experts of the time that this thing called the Internet was just a fad, well over a decade later, Online Marketing Muscle was and still is that business!

Adapting a quote from hockey great Wayne Gretzky, Online Marketing Muscle saw where the puck was going. It was going online!

A Touch of Our Philosophy

we believe...

Great Marketing Paves The Way To An Easier Sale!​

Great Marketing

We are experiencing the convergence of marketing and sales… the lines are forever blurred. Fighting the natural progression here is futile. The solution is simple yet not easy. Create marketing that attracts your ideal target market.

It is all about connecting with our target market via media that they both want and prefer. It is about communicating ‘with’ our audience not speaking ‘at’ them.
Marketing Path to Easier Sales
We Believe...

Your bottom-line is the bottom-line!

bottom line we all must win

No if, ands, or, buts about it… we all must get what we need from our relationship together. Whether that is traffic, leads, clients, market position, or financial rewards… we all must win.

At the onset of our engagement together, we co-establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to keep everyone ‘honest.’ We measure and track performance against desired results. This ensures working together makes sense both in the present and in the future.

win together
We Believe...

If you are not growing, you are dying!​

growing small business

Simply put, we know this sounds harsh however, the business world will not wait for you. Potential clients / customers / patients are not sitting there pining away for you. The business-world is fast-paced and continues to increase exponentially year-over-year.

Who’s to blame? Well no one… and everyone. The Internet is only facilitating the hyper-demands of its users. All businesses, yours as well as ours, need to keep up, or risk being passed up.

growing small business

Our Culture

Our company’s purpose is all about “energizing small business success.” This is what drives us. This is what our company culture is based on. It is our hell-bent pursuit of that purpose that makes our clients, partners and us successful.We invest greatly in ourselves and continuously encourage the same from all we work with.

We read the best books… study the best masters… test the most-promising marketing tactics and strategies… we stay-in-the-know so that we can bring that world-class wealth of knowledge to our clients.

Meet Our Leadership Team


Our Visionary Thought Leader (A.K.A Founder And Chief Executive Officer)

#1 Best Selling Author; Internet Marketing Coach, Strategist & Speaker; Yankees Fan; Drummer; Veggie Gardener; Husband & Dad of 2 Awesome Kids!


Our Numbers Expert (A.K.A Vice President And Chief Financial Officer)

Internet Marketing Company CFO; Travel Enthusiast; Parrot Fanatic; Obsessive Organizer; Loving Life w/Awesome Husband and 2 Adorable Kids!

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Online Marketing Muscle® is a marketing automation agency that helps small business owners gain leverage on their business.


150 Motor Pkwy #401
Hauppauge, NY 11788
☏ 631-730-8285
✉ Info@OnlineMarketingMuscle.com

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