stingy with your target market

Are You Being Stingy With Your Target Market?

Tired of your business being the best kept secret from your target market? How do you know if you are being stingy with your target market?  In this video, business coach and co-author of #1 Bestseller “The MindStretch”, Dean Mercado, shares an approach and a simple action item you can use to change your stars!

I have a really distinct question for you.  Are you being stingy with your target market?  Let me ask that again. Are you being stingy with your target market?

Now hold on!  Before you get upset, I know it’s a point blank question, but I have to say this.

Are You a Best Kept Secret?

We see a lot of great companies out there with a lot of great offerings.  Whether it’s a product or a service that they are offering that they are just not doing enough to tell the world about, in particularly their target market.  Or, they have a solution to that target market’s challenges or problems!

The best kept secret comes to mind. Does that ring true for you?

So when I say are you being stingy, if you have a product or a service that you believe in you should be screaming it from the rooftops and getting others to do that on your behalf as well!  And if you don’t believe in your product or service I’m going to ask you why are you in business? (But that’s a whole other conversation.)

That’s what we call marketing. That’s what we call selling. That’s what we call getting out there and not being bashful, not being afraid, not being uptight or upset.

Hey you’ve got something great that can help people. You really can genuinely help people, but you can’t help them if they don’t know you exist!

Your Existing Clients

And let’s extend this even further.  Let’s talk about the clients that you do have.  Big question here is do your existing clients know all the additional services or products that you offer?

So let’s say they just bought one of your products, Product A. Do they know that you have a Product B that if you added it to Product A it would make it wonderful?

A lot of times our clients don’t even understand that we do other things and then we wonder why aren’t they buying from us? Why did they only buy that? Well maybe because we’re not telling them or they just don’t know.  So again, are we being stingy? Yeah, maybe? Get out there, tell them about it.

Don’t be afraid to mention it. 

Here’s an action item for you.  When was the last time you communicated to your client base the different products and services that you do offer?  Take on that action item. Put a communication item of some sort in whatever way you are comfortable, whether it’s by phone, by email, by letter, by anything.  Introduce some of your other products and services. You might find that they are grateful that you did. “Oh we were thinking about buying that, I didn’t know that you did that.”  And that’s a common thing we see happen all the time. It’s kind of scary in a way. It’s happened to us too. Years back, we remember, it’s painful. It’s like oh my goodness they just bought that?  Don’t they know we sell that? That’s not their fault. That’s our fault. We didn’t do a good enough job of communicating to them what we do and what other value we can bring to them.

So again, are you being stingy?  I hope not, and if you are, change it!  Don’t be afraid, change it!

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  1. I’ve worked on everything else but my Alexa score. Which reminds me- I should really check my score and start focusing on it more. Great video!

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