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Are You Guilty of Surface Marketing in Your Business?

I am going to be blunt here… Is your marketing working? How do you know if you are surface marketing? In this video, I come from the angle of what not to do when marketing your business and then shows how to maximize your marketing efforts!

What am I talking about when I say surface marketing?

It means when you go broad and not deep with any marketing tactic or strategies that you choose to do for your business. Maybe that means you are doing too many different things and you are doing none of them well or you’re just not really digging into the ones that you did choose to do.

The idea is if you are going to do a newsletter to promote your business then do the best damn newsletter you can put together!

If you are going to do networking to market your business, become the best damn networker you can possibly become! Learn the art and the science of networking effectively. Watch the masters! Read the books! Learn the stuff to master it and practice, practice, practice!

If you are going to have a website, have the best website you can possibly have. Bring on the best team you can put together. Find out what your prospects and clients are interested in in terms of what a website can do. Make your website do those types of things and you will see different results.

If you are going to use advertising or print ads, learn how to write a great print ad. There are several books and resources out there to help you do that a little bit better. Never be satisfied with doing a half-assed job on anything that you choose to do with marketing.

If you are going to run events or put up a booth at a trade show make sure that you focus on the “pre-event”, the “event” itself and then the “post-event”.  The power is in the followup. This is where we see a lot of marketing break down. We do a little bit and then we’re off doing something else without completely doing the follow through of the marketing we did prior. So instead of running off to that next thing, maximize the thing that we are doing.

Sink your teeth in! Dig your heels into the sand! That’s when you are going to see the types of results that you are looking and hoping for from your marketing.

The idea here folks is to go deep, not broad when it comes to your marketing. Master the craft, whatever you are going to choose to do, do it great because it does reflect on you and your business.

How you do anything is how you do everything! 

You may have heard me say that in the past. How you do anything is how you do everything. So if you do a half-assed job of marketing in any particular fashion your prospects are going insinuate that you do or think that you do a half-assed job in delivering whatever product or service you deliver. So again, go deep, not broad.

Become the master at your craft and you will differentiate yourself from the competition.

Time for a gut check. Are you going broad or are you going deep with your marketing?

6 thoughts on “Are You Guilty of Surface Marketing in Your Business?”

    1. Avatar of Bill Baylis

      Deanna.. I would also ask how interested could you be by bouncing your marketing all over the place.. sounds like a lot of hard work to me…

      Thanks for swinging by and adding your comment with our blog!

    1. Avatar of Bill Baylis

      Karla.. To often we put the brakes on our own success. We agree focus on what you do best… and knock it out of the park!

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