automated workflows for fitness biz

5 Amazing Facts Why You Need Automated Workflows in Your Fitness Biz

The health and fitness gym industry is a $34 billion industry. As a gym owner or fitness coach, it might feel like you’re spinning all the plates in our small business. But as you grow your business, you want to ensure you can handle the extra workload.

Starting your own business sounded like the American dream. But, until it starts to take over your entire life, it seems like you’re stuck in an endless loop of repetitive tasks.

automated workflows for your fitness business

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We will help you dig out from under the pile of endless tasks that keep you away from your business.

Read on to see why creating automated workflows can improve your efficiency, increase your bottom line, and allow you to enjoy your business again.

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    What Are Automated Workflows?

    From acquiring new clients to retaining those clients, you have a lot to do for your fitness business. It would be best if you automated your workflows to maximize your efficiency. But what does that mean?

    First, you need to look at the many tasks you do regularly. For example, how do you acquire new leads to grow membership for your gym or fitness coaching? Do you run regular social media campaigns, and how do you track your new leads?

    You can’t enter that information into your CRM system manually. Using an email system such as Keap will help you manage all your new leads.

    Another example is looking at how you retain your clients. For example, once someone sets up an account with you, how do you follow up with them?

    What Are Automated Workflows
    What Are Automated Workflows?

    Don’t let their drive to get fit fizzle out once they get home. Set up your CRM tools to automatically send new clients a welcome packet with encouragement and tips to build up their new healthy habits, including working out with you. A quality email service provider will help you with this workflow process automation.
    Having the right tools at your disposal will help you automate your workflow, so you’re prepared as your business grows.

    Why You Need Automated Workflows

    Every day employers lose money with poor worker efficiency. And when it comes to managing your new leads and sales, you can’t afford to lose any time or money. Unfortunately, over 40% of employees admit to spending over 25% of their time doing repetitive tasks.

    If you need more convincing, here are five reasons you need workflow automation software.

    • Manual entry costs you time – regardless if it’s you or an employee, someone has to take the time to enter the information and send the welcome packet to new clients.
    • Manual workflow costs you money – if you pay someone to maintain your customer database and lead management system, this will cost you money.
    • Lack of automation causes headaches you don’t need – from micromanaging employees to fixing any natural human error, this is more of a headache than you need
    • Easily track your goals and output – know at a glance how many new leads you have every day and see immediately what your conversion rate is from lead to new customer.
    • Improve your customer satisfaction and retention – with automated welcome packets and helpful weekly emails to stay on track with their fitness goals; your new customers will stay loyal and recommend their friends.

    Why You Need Automated Workflows

    So stop all the annoying emails with your employees asking if things have been done. And break down the silo between your marketing and sales department with workflow products.

    Don’t waste your advertising dollars with lost leads and failed follow-up appointments with potential and new clients. There is a better way.

    Automate Your Sales Process

    You spent hours creating your sales funnel. Now, it’s time to automate your funnel so you can see exponential growth in your fitness business. From acquiring new leads to building the sales relationship to closing the sale, the more, you can automate your sales funnel, the faster your business will be ready to scale.

    Automate Your Sales Process
    Automate Your Sales Process

    When you started your fitness business, you covered everything, from wiping down the equipment to closing sales on new memberships. However, as you grow your business, you can’t continue doing it all yourself.

    Whether you run a gym with hundreds of members or a coach with a dozen clients, you certainly can’t be spending any time entering new contacts into your CRM or manually following up with potential and new clients. Instead, you can automate all of these tasks with the right tools.

    You need to automate as much of your fitness business as you can. And your sales process is the perfect place to start.

    Outsource Your Marketing Automation

    As you begin to scale your business, you don’t want to increase your hours to keep up. The number one best way to prepare to increase capacity within your small business is to outsource certain functions.

    You started your fitness business because you love fitness. However, marketing and sales might not be your forte. If not, then look to outsource this area of your business to an expert.

    outsource your fitness business marketing automation
    Outsource Your Fitness Business Marketing Automation

    So, whether you’re a self-starter or want a little hand-holding, Online Marketing Muscle offers multiple options for you to choose from. But, when it comes to automating your marketing, don’t take chances with trial and error, partner with a trusted resource to guide you in the right direction toward success.

    Get Back to the Business You Love

    Just as the human body is a very efficient machine when it’s well-cared for, your business can be streamlined and efficient. So stop trying to do it yourself and start building automated workflows instead.

    As you grow and scale your business, you’ll need to have the right tools and resources in place to allow you to grow your customer base without increasing your hours. And if you know that you would rather focus on your clients and improving their fitness, then outsource your marketing services and let us automate your sales funnel.

    If you have more questions about how we can help you automate your marketing and sales, we would love to offer you a complimentary discovery session. Schedule yours today.

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