Dean’s Top 10 Business and Marketing Lessons Learned in 2006 (Part I: The First Five)

Dean Mercado Coaching & Strategy

“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” – Winston Churchill

Wow it’s 2007 already… can you believe it? The time just seems to fly by. So let me ask you, are you ready for this new year? Are you sure? Because ready or not, 2007 is here and there’s no better time than the present to put a stake in the ground and make the most of the past year.

How do we do this you ask? Well as for me, what I like to do is spend some quiet time reflecting on what worked and didn’t work for me in my marketing as well as in my business over the past year. I also work with my Clients to do the same to draw out of them the powerful lessons that their experiences brought them.

So what I’ve done here is boiled down those many lessons learned and have brought you the essence of what I considered are the top ten of those lessons for 2006. This week I will present the first five of those lessons and follow up next week with an additional five. So without further adieu, here are the first five:

1. There Is Only NOW.

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow doesn’t exist, there is only NOW. NOW is the only reality there is. It’s what you do NOW that determines your happiness and success going forward. Learn from your past, that’s okay. Just don’t dwell on it because you can’t change it. Instead, channel you energy to create your ideal future by being the best you can be right NOW.

1. The Law Attraction.

This is a powerful concept that although has been around since the beginning of time, is really just starting to find its place in mainstream business. The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. So be mindful what you focus on because the law attraction can be a double edge sword – it can help you manifest more scarcity just as easily as it can help you manifest more abundance.

2. Don’t Be Attached To An Outcome.

So what if something didn’t turn out as expected. Get your ego out of the way long enough to learn from your experience and move on.

3. Systems & Projects.

I learned this one from a gentleman named Rich Schefren. There are two ways that work should be done inside your business, systems and projects. If it’s an activity that is ongoing or something that is done more than once you should develop a systematized way of doing it inside your business. If it’s temporary, goal directed, has a beginning and an end and is unique, it should be managed as a project.Now I have years of experience creating systems and formally managing complex projects for others and I fully realized the vast benefits of doing so. However, for some reason, I wasn’t applying those skills to the best of my ability in my own business. Hearing Rich Schefren say it for some reason clicked with me and was one of those A-HA moments.

4. Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better.

Don’t get sucked into the bigger is better idea. Let demand instead of your ego drive expansion.

So in closing, let me ask you, did any of these lessons learned seem familiar? It may sound funny but just as we are all humans and we tend to experience the same problems such as we all bleed and we all catch colds; what I’ve found is that many of our businesses are not so dissimilar as well – we tend to experience the same things. So my best advice is to leverage this wisdom today and create a brighter tomorrow.

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