Magnetic Marketing Series: Even Though It’s All Business, It’s Personal

Why is business not all business? Because much of business requires a personal business relationship.

Did you ever hear somebody say, “It’s just business, it’s not personal”? I know I certainly have. Well my answer to that statement is baloney, who were they trying to kid? It’s kind of like a sugar-coated way of saying “I’m sticking it to you, but don’t get upset about it” – Am I right or what?

No business happens without affecting people in one way, shape or, form. So how could it not be personal? As a matter of fact I’m of the opinion that when the personal is taken out of any business, it becomes sterile and institutional – in other words, BORING. And worse yet, those businesses are usually on their way out.

So here’s a million dollar tip for you… business is very personal and don’t let anybody tell you differently!

Now as a, well I guess you can say, marketing expert, two of the most pressing questions that small businesses ask me all the time are:

  1. How do I attract better and more clients?
  2. How do I differentiate myself from the competition?

My approach in answering these very important questions is quite simple. I believe it’s safe to say that people prefer doing business with people they like and can identify with – don’t you think? So based on that, I take an approach that leverages that premise and I’ve coined this approach the “Power of Personal”. In a nutshell the “Power of Personal” marketing approach caters to the personal side of your target market by putting a personal spin on your marketing – looking to make your communications with your target market more authentic and magnetic.

Let’s explore this approach a bit.

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The Power of Personal is magnetic!

The law of attraction dictates that like attracts like, so if that’s the case, I believe it’s safe to say that the more personal you are in your business and your marketing, the more you will attract like-minded, better-fitting Clients.

Well, how can you make your business and your marketing more personal? You can start by openly and readily sharing your story. How did you get to where you are today, and why are you doing what you do? Give your target market a way to get to know you and a reason to trust you.

So with that being said, what’s your story? What makes you attractive and possibly even unique?

Now, if you want to take it up a notch and leverage the Power of Personal, allowing your target market to get to know you, take the time to get to know them more intimately. It’s intimately enough to clearly understand things like what’s important to them, what challenges they face, how they want to be helped, and so on.

Once you do this, you can leverage that knowledge to strengthen your marketing message and your relationships with your target market.

The Power of Personal is strategic!

Talk about a simple yet excellent approach to differentiating yourself from the competition. You are a unique individual – we all are, for that matter. So stand behind your uniqueness and leverage it in your marketing.

You can start with this by taking a hard look at your unique selling proposition or more commonly known as your USP. Look to strengthen it and leverage it more effectively in your everyday marketing.

The Power of Personal is just plain good business!

Remember the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Being authentic and personal in your marketing is simply good business. It takes the uncertainty out of it and empowers all to make better decisions. Ultimately, it tends to make business fun and isn’t that what life is all about, having fun?

So in closing, I just want to reiterate that:

The Power of Personal is magnetic!
The Power of Personal is strategic!
The Power of Personal is just plain good business!

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  1. Enjoyed listening to your Business is personal and you are so right. You hit a home run with that tape. Great job Dean. Yes, Business is personal and the sales people who know it succeed.

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