Marketing Consistency Not Casual Marketing

Warning: Casual Marketing Leads to Marketing Casualties

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Let’s start by defining what ‘casual marketing’ actually is.

In a nutshell, it’s trying a marketing tactic once, maybe twice. Then, when you don’t see immediate or expected results, you drop that marketing tactic and either try something else or, worse yet, don’t do any marketing for a while – hoping clients will magically appear.

This is the “build it, and they will come” disorder.

I don’t know if you’re one of the charmed ones, but sitting and waiting for clients to show up has never worked for me or anyone I know of!

When analyzing reports provided by the U.S. Small Business Association, I noticed a shocking trend. Basically, for every small business that opens its doors each year, another closes theirs.

That’s a pretty scary statistic!

And I believe that ‘casual marketing’ is one of the leading causes of that statistic being as bad as it is.

So how do you ensure that you don’t wind up on the wrong side of that statistic?

Well, from a marketing standpoint, here are three steps to avoid the ‘casual marketing’ curse:

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Vary Your Marketing Approach to Ensure the Most Comprehensive Reach

Approach your target audience from different angles using a variety of different mediums.

First off, I believe it’s important to note that different people prefer communication differently.

Visual people may give more credence to messages that appeal to their eyes – eye candy, so to speak. So, for example, flashy display ads, photographs, and video would most likely be their preference.

Auditory people most likely would enjoy hearing your messages. Therefore, marketing campaigns using tactics such as radio, teleseminars, and audio postcards would probably yield the most success.

And lastly, kinesthetic people typically prefer something they can put their hands on. So, for example, test driving your product or service and physical samples would most likely appeal to them.

Being that it’s close to impossible to know the communication style preference of everyone in your target audience, which approach do you choose?

How about a combination of the three?

For example, if you are a car dealership, why not offer a combination of flashy display ads, audio postcards, and test drives? This way, you appeal to your entire target audience in one shape or form.

Additionally, you may want to approach your target audience using different mediums. Don’t be afraid to mix it up here because, once again, different people tend to be more comfortable with different mediums.

Some like print media like newspapers and magazines, others prefer Internet-based mediums such as websites and email. In contrast, still, others prefer mediums such as television – and the list can go on and on here.

Marketing Consistency Is Key to Building Relationships

While you may want to vary your marketing approach, it is critical to communicate a consistent message and image of who you are and how you can solve your target audience’s problem.

And for small businesses, the byproduct of this effort should lead to branding.

‘All-the-time marketing’ Is Vital to Your Survival

Marketing should not be a some-of-the-time thing; it needs to be an all-of-the-time thing!

In the absence of your leadership, your target audience will listen to whoever is doing the talking! And with the vast array of competition out there screaming in your target audience’s ear, your allegiance to ‘all-the-time marketing’ is more critical than ever.

Now how you stand out from the pack is a whole other story for another day.

Just know that you have to at least be in the game. So always don the marketing hat and learn how to sense and make the most of marketing opportunities.

So let’s be honest now.

Have you been guilty of ‘casual marketing’?

Whether you have or haven’t, know that that’s not what’s important here; it’s what you do from now on that counts. So decide right now to employ ‘all-the-time marketing’ in your business.

I urge you to try this persona on for a while and see how it fits! You’ll notice that it gets much easier over time – it becomes second nature.

And better yet, it brings results!

1 thought on “Warning: Casual Marketing Leads to Marketing Casualties”

  1. Avatar of Dr. Gregg M. Baron

    Thank you Dean for reminding me to always be “On Marketing”…I am extremely grateful to have you on my team, helping me to flex my marketing muscles! I especially enjoyed the information regarding the auditory, visual and kinesthetic nature of people and the importance of delivering your message in a way that crosses over all 3 paths rather than limiting yourself to only a single 1. Sometimes common sense isn’t so common!!! Thanks coach.

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