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8 Surefire Ways to Market Your Cleaning Business

Have you faced challenges with marketing your cleaning business?

You need to make sure customers know who you are and what you do. You also need to present your business as friendly and professional. It can be hard to keep up with these and all the other factors that go into marketing a company.

Beyond your catchy slogan and expertise is a world of other businesses marketing the same services that you offer. And, those services, whether comparable or not, pose direct competition to your company. That’s why it’s important to have a good marketing strategy in place.

So, how do you market your business in a way that ensures a positive customer response?

If you’re starting a cleaning business, or even if you’ve had one for a while, and you’re looking for great marketing strategies, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re discussing eight surefire ways to market your services. Keep reading to learn more.


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Marketing Your Cleaning Business

Marketing your cleaning business starts with your promise to your potential customers. Don’t make claims or promises that you can’t keep and try to avoid sales-y pitches so as not to overwhelm people. Instead, just be yourself and present your services with honesty and integrity.

But that’s just the beginning. There are several ways that you can market your business to get in front of your customer base and let them know you’re ready to work for them.

Assess the Competition

The first thing you want to do before even starting up marketing efforts is to assess your competition. See what they’re doing to obtain customers and if you think it’s working, you can even follow suit. If the results appear to be that your competition is not flourishing with their own marketing efforts, take note of that too.

Find out what types of services the competition offers and how much they’re selling those services for. You can use these numbers to gauge your own prices and perhaps out-perform them with your trusty services.

Survey Your Market

Find out where the people are that need your services. You can create consumer surveys and even walk door-to-door to assess what people are looking for. Ask them how much they’re willing to pay for services and what type of cleaning they’re interested in.

Besides that, you can try to find out where new housing developments are being built in order to prepare to cater to that market. You can still cater to other areas, too.

Also, keep in mind that many neighborhoods use referral-based programs to find services. You may want to do your best to find out who and where those programs are to market directly to them.

Creating Your Logo

Once you know who and where and what, you can start working on your logo design. This design will be the staple feature of your cleaning business so make it count. You can design it on your own or use various services that can create a custom logo for you.

Make sure your logo entails as many details about your business as possible. Perhaps include a vacuum cleaner or mop as part of the design so people will instantly know what you’re marketing when they see your marketing materials.

Social Media

In this new era of the internet age, social media is one of the biggest influences on the market for any product or service. Create a Facebook page or other social media channels that will draw customers to your website. Make sure to include your logo and pertinent information that engages the customer and makes them want to learn more about you and your business.


If you didn’t catch it mentioned above, a website is imperative for running a successful business. This is the place where your customers will go to find out more about your services and the overall integrity of your business. Make sure your website is professional and easy to navigate.

You should always include contact information and keep it up to date at all times. Also, don’t forget to create an ‘About Us‘ page that describes your reason for doing what you do. This will draw the customer in and allow them a chance to get to know you better before meeting with you for the first time.

Fliers and Business Cards

Fliers and business cards may seem like the old school way of marketing, but it still works. And quite well, actually. Don’t forget your logo on the front page!

Business cards should include contact information and perhaps short details about your services. Fliers should be a preface to your website and include most details about services and pricing.

Customers like having something material and concrete to hold in their hands when it comes to learning about a business. Don’t leave them without this important piece of marketing material.

Promotions and Discounts

Promotions are a great way to draw customers in so that you can get your foot in the door. You can offer free merchandise or services that compliment your service menu so that customers can get a taste of how well you perform.

Discounts are another way to get customers but more importantly, keep them. Consider offering discounted or a la carte service for your most loyal customers. They’ll spread the word and you’ll earn more business.


Promotions are a great way to draw customers in so that you can get your foot in the door. You can offer free merchandise or services that compliment your service menu so that customers can get a taste of how well you perform.

Discounts are another way to get customers but more importantly, keep them. Consider offering discounted or a la carte service for your most loyal customers. They’ll spread the word and you’ll earn more business.

Final Thoughts

Marketing your cleaning business is all about getting the word out to your potential customers so you can make a sale. Be adamant about spreading the word regarding your services so that people can make informed decisions. Don’t forget to include pricing in your marketing materials so you don’t have to worry about answering those questions later.

If you offer specialty services where charges may differ, you can include basic information that details the service so that customers will know what they’re paying for. Keep in mind that some customers may still want to haggle over these charges and you can make a determination at the time of sale whether to offer discounts or promotions.

If you need help marketing your cleaning business online, or if you have questions, schedule a conversation with us. We provide a multitude of services that can get you going with continued success.

spray and pray marketing

Are You Guilty of ‘Spray & Pray’ Marketing?

This post is part of the “Marketing Recipes for Failure” Series.


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"The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it"

Ah, the wasteful ‘spray and pray marketing’ approach.

It’s just like using a shotgun to hit your target instead of a sniper rifle. The shotgun spraying ammo all over the place and maybe catching a piece of your target while the sniper rifle zooms in and hits your target dead center.

Choose your weapon carefully as the wrong choice can prove costly.

In marketing, for my money, I choose the accuracy of the sniper rifle. I want to hit my target market dead-on every time.

Now unless your business is drowning in excess cash… so much so that you have an extreme need to just throw money overboard to lighten your load… a real strategic approach is needed to ensure that your marketing gets the biggest bang-for-the-buck.

Spraying your marketing message out to anyone and everyone and hoping that the right someone will immediately come knocking at your door just doesn’t cut it.

On many occasions, I’ve seen businesses get frustrated and give up on a great marketing strategy because when they applied it, they used a ‘spray and pray marketing’ approach.

And guess what?

It didn’t work out well.

They essentially threw out costly resources and got extremely frustrated and discouraged in the process.

So how do you avoid the ‘spray and pray marketing’ approach?

Well here are 3 steps to a more strategic marketing approach:

❶ Ready!

Know exactly what you are trying to accomplish with your marketing – have a clear vision of what you want and set specific goals to accomplish it.

Set your sight on the desired end result in your mind’s eye and ready yourself to go after it.

❷ Aim!

Who do I want to serve and why?

Are they hungry for what I’m offering?

Do they have the money to spend on what I’m offering?

Does my product or service solve a specific problem or need for them? If so, what problem or need?

Ask yourself these questions and more until you have clearly defined your ideal prospect from your target market. See a model of your ideal prospect in your mind’s eye and set you aim on them.

❸ Fire!

Now with the accuracy of a sniper’s rifle, display your marksmanship and deliver your marketing message right to the heart of your target market – nowhere else.

Essentially you want as close to a bull’s eye as you can get with every shot.

Extra, wasted shots cost money so accuracy is critical. Additionally, hitting the right target is also critical.

So in closing…

A little clarity can go a long way in positioning your small business for success!

Avoid Costly Online Negative Reviews

How To Avoid Costly, Negative Online Reviews

Have a small business?  Then I know you want to avoid negative online reviews that can be costly! Here’s a few approaches that you can take to prevent some of them from happening.

Video Transcript

If you run a small business, it’s not a matter of if you get a negative online review, it’s typically when.  Or maybe not.  Hi this is Dean Mercado of Online Marketing Muscle and what I’ve got for you here today is a little ditty about how to avoid those costly negative online reviews.  The big key here folks is you’ve got to head them off at the pass.  You’ve got to and I hate to use a cliché on you but you know, you’ve got to head them off at the pass.  You’ve got to get to that client before they get to the point of being upset with what you’ve delivered.  Now how do you do that?  Now I’m going to hit you here real quick with three,  kind of maybe not so thought of approaches to doing this.  And yes, there will be some parts to each of them, but here it goes.


The first, is positioning, positioning.  How do your position your company as the expert, as the authority so to speak is critical to how you are perceived.  To your clients, perception is reality.  So if before you even start they perceive you as the expert their reality is going to be more aligned with an expert experience.  So unless you completely blow it, chances are they’re going to feel better about what you are doing for them.  Positioning yourself long before you get on site, or long before you get to that interaction with that client and have to deliver on your product or service is critical to what happens there.


Now, the second big component that I’d like to throw at you here is beyond positioning, the next piece is systematizing what you do.  Systematizing the delivery of your product or service as much as possible.  And when I say delivering I mean what happens pre-event, before you actually deliver, what happens during the event and then what happens post-event.  If you could systematize as much of that process as possible, especially a lot of the communications that need to go on around that.  For example, setting expectations.  One of the biggest breakdowns on why we see a lot of negative online reviews is expectations were not properly set with that client.  They had in their mind what they expected to receive and that wasn’t necessarily in your mind what you expected to deliver or what you believed you promised you would deliver.  So by using systems and making sure that proper expectations are being set, alright, using systems when you’re on-site. Checklists to make sure that you’re doing the job the way you are supposed to do the job.  Having checkpoints in place to make sure that things are getting done the way they are supposed to.  Having quality checks in place for somebody to follow through and make sure that everything is being done to the way you need them and want them to be done.  To the way your systems dictate they be done.  Making sure your teams are trained on those systems.  Having that all in place makes a huge difference because it allows and empowers you to create a more consistent result.


Beyond the actual positioning and the systematizing is the, is what we call automating.  You want to automate as much of this as possible.  I’m not talking about having robots working in your job.  What I’m talking about is automating as much of the communication process as you possibly can.  Automating as much of the marketing process as much as the sales process, because this helps create consistency.  And it gives you the ability to really pinpoint what you want to say and how you want to say it and carefully craft things so that you come across in the best light possible.  Yes, you can automate things like those expectations.  Yes you can automate the post-event stuff like follow up and follow through.  Yeah some people like to follow up over the phone personally and that’s all fun and great, however having a system that stimulates or enhances that even better. I want you to imagine having a system in place that allows you to send an email to your clients saying “hey how did we do?”.  One star for not so good, two stars for okay, and three stars for you were great.  Something along those lines. And imagine you having an action item immediately and automatically created if anybody clicks on one star to follow up and try and head it off at the pass.  Get to that client before they get online before they get to the Yelps and the Google Reviews sites and Merchant Circles and SuperPages.  Head them off at the pass.  So automation will help you ensure that things don’t fall through the cracks. As good as we are, we are human and human beings make mistakes.  Things are going to get crazy at work.  They typically do.  Things are going to get busy.  That’s when things go bad.  So we want to make sure again, by using things like we’re talking about here where we are positioning ourselves as the expert, we’re we systematizing as much as we can systematize in our business and having those documented.  It could be as simple as checklists.  And then going ahead and automating as much of that process as we possibly can.  A combination of those three things is really going to help you avoid those costly negative online reviews.
Exponential Business Growth

Leverage These 2 Strategies for Exponential Business Growth

The key to exponential business growth is not trading time for money… it’s leverage!

That being said, here are 2 of my favorite tactics for gaining leverage in your small business.

Video Transcript

Hi Dean Mercado here from Online Marketing Muscle and I want to share with you something that I feel is critically important to the small business world. And that is this concept of the key to exponential growth is not trading time for money, it’s leverage, leverage. And what I’d like to share with you here today is two ways that you can add leverage into your business that may help you get to that exponential growth to help you move forward. Let’s jump right in.

First one that I want to share with you is one that is very near and dear to my heart and that is what I call marketing automation. Marketing automation. There are so many things that you can automate in your business instead of you having to do these things manually, which is what a lot of us do with a lot of things such as following up, following through with prospects and clients, like serving our clients, like welcoming a new client on board in what we call client on boarding, new employee on boarding. A lot of these tasks, these typically manual things we do can be automated to a large degree, thus freeing up us the business owner to do other things that really really warrant our attention. That help us take that time that we would have been spending to do some of those things and applying them to other things that might generate new business. New business growth. More efficiencies in our business, so marketing automation is the first of the two that I’m going to share with you here today. Now I’m pretty fond of a tool out there called Infusionsoft. You may or may not have heard me talk about it before. If you haven’t, go on my website and check it out and find out a little bit more about it because it’s really really changed the dynamic of my own business. I could not run my business the way I do without it. It makes it look like there’s like 50 Deans running around. Now that might be a little crazy thought to you, it is to me, but it gives that ability to be in multiple places seemingly at one time. Marketing automation is the first way I want to share to get some leverage in your business.

The second big way that I want to share is outsourcing. Outsourcing. In a lot of cases we don’t need to hire 50 million employees. There are plenty of people out there that are up to the task. You’ve got something specific you need done, there are people out there, the ones I like are called Virtual Assistants that you could bring on board to handle specific things. I’m much more in alignment of the thought process of I’d rather bring on an expert in a certain area as opposed to a generalist. So if I need something specific done I’d rather pay a little bit more and get an expert to do it as opposed to the general handyman to come in and handle certain things. There are virtual assistants out there, there are experts in certain areas out there. There are also sites out there where you can find things, there’s one called Fiverr, that you can go out there and for five bucks you can get somebody to do something for you. Let’s say I shoot this video and I want it transcribed. I can go up to Fiverr, upload the video there and hire someone for five bucks to transcribe this thing. Now that’s an awful lot better than me sitting down trying to transcribe this video. Again, outsourcing is a real viable option for your business. You know what we’re looking for is leverage. You might have heard the acronym OPM, other people’s money that was big in the real estate investing side of things. But what we’re always looking to do is get leverage by tapping into other people’s money, other people’s time, other people’s resources and if we’re able to duplicate ourselves or clone the owner, the concept I call it with things like marketing automation, even better. Look into those two things, look into your business and look for the things that are either not getting done, they’re not getting done effectively, or just not at all rather. They’re things that you just hate doing. Things that are slowing you down and stopping you with busyness and not allowing you to do business.


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