marketing automation for small business

6 Ways Marketing Automation for Small Business Can Boost Your Growth

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Marketing automation for small business is proving to be an awesome resource. Why do we know this to be true? Already, 49% of companies have begun to use marketing automation. Plus a whopping 55% of B2B companies use the software. Both percentages are increasing every year. New companies are seeing the benefits and automating their marketing campaigns. Within 6 months of implementing …

Infusionsoft Long Island User Group

Online Marketing Muscle Reports They’ve Reached Infusionsoft Certified Partner Status

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The company has achieved the necessary certification to become an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and offers Infusionsoft based consulting packages, reports (Hauppauge, NY) Online Marketing Muscle announces that their President & CEO, Dean Mercado has achieved “Infusionsoft Certified Partner” status on their behalf, giving them exclusive rights to resell Infusionsoft software. In addition, the company now offers consulting packages including …

Infusionsoft Long Island User Group

Online Marketing Muscle and Infusionsoft Announce the Formation of a User Group

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The Long Island user group allows Infusionsoft users to connect and share strategies and tactics while gathering new ideas and sharing product feedback, reports  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Hauppauge, NY) Online Marketing Muscle announces the formation of a partnership with Infusionsoft to establish the first Infusionsoft Long Island User Group. This Infusionsoft User Group functions to allow users to connect …

Google mobile-geddon

Is Your Website Ready for Google Mobile-geddon?

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So… Because of its sheer importance, I’m going to get right to the point. Have you heard of Google Mobile-geddon yet? If you haven’t, you certainly need to! What You Need To Know In a nutshell, here’s a great excerpt from popular online news source Business Insider explaining what it is: “On Tuesday, April 21, Google is making a major update to …