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Marketing FAQ – Social Media ROI

Do you use social media to grow your business? Ever wondered whether or not (or when) to call it quits with Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter? Well that is a question we were asked us recently. In this video, Dean Mercado of Online Marketing Muscle answers that question and more!

Facebook Company Page: The Simplest Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan Ever

The Facebook Company Page: A Simple Path to Disaster Recovery!

Could Your Facebook Company Page Be The Simplest Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan Ever?

Hurricane Sandy left millions in the tri-state region without power for many days and weeks to come. Facebook has proven again to be “The Source” for friends and family members to communicate, keep tabs on each other and mobilize communities to help those who need it the most!

The Long Tail of Social Media

One thing I can say with all certainty… there is no shortage of social media sites out there! Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and we can go on and on probably for the better part of an hour rambling them off… and that would be only the ones we know about. Now I don’t know the statistics however it seems that several new social media sites are showing up daily… some with sticking power and several without.

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