Chatting on Facebook? Protect Your Privacy!

protect your privacy
I have to say that it’s really scary just how much companies like Facebook know about its more than 800 million users! As a matter of fact, according to, Facebook collects, stores, and uses 57 categories of data about each of its users.  Facebook considers this appropriate behavior and cites it as their intellectual property… even though the data is about you!  Are they right?  My guess is the courts will decide that one day.
Don’t get me wrong… I love Facebook!  I use it for both personal and business!  I think it’s an awesome social media tool!  However I do highly recommend that we, as users, protect our privacy however and whenever we can! In a recent blog post I read titled “How Encryption Can Keep Facebook From Snooping In Your Chats”, my eyes popped open! Did you know that Facebook keeps all of you past chats on file? Did you know that the information in those chats is used to target ads toward you? Did you know Facebook willingly releases that information to the government… and it could be used against you in a court of law? Well according to online privacy company Abine this is all true!  Abine also provides several tools you can integrate into your web browser (for FREE) to protect your online privacy… not bad Abine!  It’s unselfish acts like that, that get people like me to blog about them. So one such tool (from Abine) that I want to share with you here is their free bookmarklet which (if installed by both parties) will encrypt your Facebook chats so no one other than those chatting (even Facebook) can see them!  Ahhhh… online privacy! Give it a shot and let me know what you think!  Also… know of any other cool (and free) tools that help protect online privacy?  I’d like to know about them! Disclaimer: Neither I nor my company Online Marketing Muscle receive any compensation from Abine as a result of recommending their product(s)!
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