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What Could Your Small Business Learn from a 16 Year Old?

I have to say, although I’ve always been a fan of the Olympics, I’ve never quite seen them the way I’m seeing them now. No I’m not talking about some new high-definition television equipment… although that would be nice too… I’m talking about seeing them with new eyes… seeing the athletes in the light of the pure-perfection that they are.

What they do is amazing! Their ability to perform seemingly incredible feats under pressure is quite impressive. However, for me it’s the person they’ve had to be and are currently being in order to position themselves for this level of greatness that just astounds me. It’s hard to believe that some of these Olympic athletes are only 16 years old. So what’s the secret to their success? How is it that a 16 year old can literally become the best in the world at anything? And what can we all stand to learn from them?

Well here are 7 core success characteristics that jump out at me:

A Dream

They know exactly what they want… they’ve got their eye on the prize and they pursue it with unwavering determination.

Set Big, Audacious Goals

They take that vision and chunk it down into milestones that constantly push the limits of what they know to be possible.

A Plan

I heard one announcer say that some of the Chinese athletes have been being groomed since Kindergarten to be where they are today some 11 or 12 years later… talk about having a plan and sticking to it.

A Winning Mentality

In their minds, there’s simply no room for second best. They practice and practice and practice some more until they can perform their routines without blinking. They master the fundamentals knowing they lie at the core of greatness as well as identify, nurture, and capitalize on their unique talents that separate them from everyone else. They are willing to do whatever it takes to win.

Strong Support Structure

This level of excellence can not be achieved alone. It’s all about team! A supportive family, great coaches, inspiring mentors, generous sponsors, like-minded peers, as well as so many others play a significant role in making it all possible.

Keep Metrics

Everything is measured to ensure proper progress is happening at all times. There is nothing left to guesswork. This becomes the measuring stick for greatness.

Lastly and most importantly…

They Believe in Themselves

They honestly and wholeheartedly believe that the only limitations they face are the ones they set for themselves. This makes them powerful and unstoppable. It provides that final bit of edge needed to win.

Wow… just imagine if you as a small business owner could harness just a glimmer of all of these characteristics of greatness. How effective and successful would you and your small business be?

So why settle for mediocrity? Why live day-to-day wondering and worrying where your next meal is coming from? Is this stuff easy? No! If it was every small business would perform like an Olympic athlete. However, the lessons for success do lie all around us… even in a 16 year old… we just have to be willing enough to see it, seize it, and care enough about ourselves and those we touch to go for the gold.

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