Customer Service: What Makes You Feel Valued?

Andrea Mercado Coaching & Strategy

Have you ever had a customer service experience with a business in which you could tell that they could care less about you and they didn’t care if you knew it?  How aggravating is that?  And on the opposite end of the spectrum have you ever had an experience with a business or a service that completely blew you away and gave you much more than you thought you were paying for?

Of course everyone has horror stories about a bad customer service experience.  But what about the businesses you have used that went above and beyond to serve you?  What exactly is it that makes an experience with a business an exceptional one?  People work hard for their money and when they spend it they want to feel that they are being appreciated for choosing to spend it with you!  Everyone no matter who they are wants to feel like they are cared about and being treated special.

Here are a few examples of some things that I have noticed that made me feel extra appreciated for my business:

  1. The doctor that personally calls you back to check in on you and gives you an update on your health status without having to wait weeks before you know what is going on.
  2. The hotel staff that greets you warmly and seems genuinely happy to have you staying with them.
  3. The lawyer that makes a special trip to your home to execute your will so that you don’t have to get a babysitter.
  4. The waitress that refills your drink without you having to ask when she has 20 tables to wait on.
  5. The gas station attendant that takes a minute to clean your windshield and check your oil.
  6. The salesperson in a department store that offers to bring another pair of pants to the dressing room so that you don’t have to get dressed to go back out on the floor to get another size. (And of course, it’s always the smaller size!)
  7. A 5 minute neck massage you weren’t expecting while you are waiting for your nails to dry after a manicure.
  8. A cute little seasonally fitting bandana on your doggie after they have been groomed.
  9. A handwritten thank you note, a birthday card or a holiday greeting.

These are just a few examples of things that businesses can do to make their customers and clients feel appreciated.  Of course some of these are more expensive or harder to accommodate than others, but the general idea should be to think out of the box.  If you don’t keep your customers and clients happy you won’t have much of a business.  And staying in business is one of your top goals, right?  You must always remember it is much more expensive to find new clientele than to keep and maintain the ones you have.

What are some other ideas in your industry that have worked to help keep the level of customer service in your business great?

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