Dean Mercado Lends Social Media Insight To Financial Services Sector

I recently had the distinct pleasure of lending social media insight for an article published in the leading financial news source, Investor’s Business Daily.  The article is titled “Financial Planners Further Innovate On Social Media” written by New York-based freelance writer, Gary M. Stern.  It’s a worthy read, so please check it out…

not just because I was quoted in it. 😉

The article focuses on Long Island financial expert Jon Ten Haagen.  Why?  Jon has managed to leverage the power of social media to grow his visibility, credibility, and reach with his target market using social media.

If you know me at all, you must realize that that stuff stokes me!

In the financial services sector, that makes Jon a bit of a pioneer.  Many in that industry still cringe at the thought of communicating and connecting via social media.  My guess… it has a lot to do with compliance regulations bestowed on the industry via The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  The great part is those regulations (or dare I say restrictions) have been relaxed somewhat as of late… happy days for the financial services sector!

Now as a marketer through and through, I always want to know how each and every opportunity comes about… so here’s some back-story.

The Back-Story

How this opportunity came into fruition is a cool example how marketing and strategic networking works.  I met Jon Ten Haagen a couple of years back at a seminar I was conducting for the Long Island Advancement of Small Business (LIASB) on social media.  Jon was an attendee and when he approached me after the seminar concluded, I could tell he was fired up.  Jon immediately began applying what he had learned.  So much so that a few short years later, he was interviewed based on his effective social media technique… pretty cool ha?!  When the reporter asked him who influenced his social media strategy, Jon shared my name and I was interviewed… as I said, pretty cool ha?!

Now I do believe that I left a positive impression on Jon that seminar day years back.  However, I believe that what solidified this opportunity was the marketing strategy we use to “keep in touch” with our audience.  It was this that stimulated Jon to drop my name when it counted.  And yes one of the marketing tactics we use in our “Keep in Touch” marketing strategy is social media!

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  1. Dare to be different!!! Once again, Dean reminds us that your “net worth” will always be the result of your “network”. One simple way to increase your network is through social media. Resistance is Futile!!!

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