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Demand More From Your Marketing

In this video, I share 3 questions every small business owner needs to ask about their marketing metrics TODAY.

Video Transcript

Demand more from your marketing!  Hi this is Dean Mercado from Online Marketing Muscle and what I have for you here today are three questions every single small business owner needs to be asking themselves about their marketing.  Before we dive in I want to frame this for you a little bit.  I want you to think begin with the end in mind.  Think begin with the end in mind.  So let’s get right at it.

The number one question you want to ask yourself is what do you want, what do you want to have happen.  What do you want?  You can market until you’re blue in the face.  What are you trying to create?  So if it’s twenty leads a month, forty leads a month, a hundred and forty leads a month, what is it?  What exactly are you trying to create with your marketing?

Second question I want you to ask, now that you know what you’re trying to create with your marketing, what tools or systems do you need in place in order to accomplish that?  If you need to drive a bunch of traffic in order to capture that traffic you might need tools like doing Facebook ads, let’s say.  And maybe an Infusionsoft to help you capture those leads and convert them into actual prospects you can follow up with. So knowing what tools and systems you need are critical.

And then third, you need to measure.  You need to know your marketing metrics.  What numbers do you need to know.  What metrics do you need in place in order to make sure that you’re getting what you want?  Let’s say for example I know I need thirty leads a month in order to sustain a proper amount of sales for my business and a proper amount of revenue or income for my business.  So then I might want to make sure I have measurements or metrics in place to tell me well how many leads did I actually get from my Facebook ads?  So let’s say I needed thirty of them from Facebook ads, ok well I put that measurement in place and then every time a lead comes in I’m checking to see where that lead came from.  If it came from Facebook ads great then I put that down.  I know that my Facebook ads are working.

Bottom line, we need to make sure that you know what exactly you want from your marketing.  Number two, we want to know exactly what systems and tools you’ll need in place in order to possibly create what you want.  And number three, what measurements, metrics you need in place in order to make sure that your marketing is doing what you hoped it would.

For me, Dean Mercado, make it an outstanding rest of the day.  We’ll talk soon.  Take care, bye bye now.

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