Overwhelmed by our “always on”, interconnected digital world? In this video learn 3 steps to digital detox making you more productive!In this video I provide 3 steps to reduce the clutter of everyday business and life thus making you more productive when it counts!
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7 thoughts on “Digital Detox – 3 Steps To Reducing The Clutter Of Everyday Business And Life”

  1. Hi Dean,
    It’s been a while since we met at the Millenium Diner in Smithtown. I enjoy your video messages. I detox digitally by riding
    my bike for 10 miles each day. If I go early enough, there is little to no auto traffic.

    1. Otis

      Thanks for sharing your story on our blog.. Glad to hear you think of safety while bike riding… which leads me to believe you will not be texting during your ride… Great example of Digital Detoxing!

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