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A Touch of Our Philosophy

we believe...

Great Marketing Paves The Way To An Easier Sale!​

We are experiencing the convergence of marketing and sales… the lines are forever blurred. Fighting the natural progression here is futile. The solution is simple, yet not easy. Create marketing that attracts your ideal target market.

It is all about connecting with our target market via media that they both want and prefer. It is about communicating ‘with’ our audience not speaking ‘at’ them.

No if, ands, or, buts about it… we all must get what we need from our relationship together. Whether that is traffic, leads, clients, market position, or financial rewards… we all must win.

At the onset of our engagement together, we co-establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to keep everyone ‘honest.’ We measure and track performance against desired results. This ensures working together makes sense both in the present and in the future.

We Believe...

Your bottom-line is the bottom-line!

we believe...

If you are not growing, you are dying!​

Simply put, we know this sounds harsh however, the business world will not wait for you. Potential clients / customers / patients are not sitting there pining away for you. The business-world is fast-paced and continues to increase exponentially year-over-year.

Who’s to blame? Well no one… and everyone. The Internet is only facilitating the hyper-demands of its users. All businesses, yours as well as ours, need to keep up, or risk being passed up.

Clone the Owner®

A Taste Of Our Methodology

For many small business owners like you, transforming their business from being a ‘job’ they created for themselves into a ‘business’ that can scale is extremely challenging...

Whether it be due to lack of capital… not enough time in the day… the inability to find or train the talent needed… or simply the unwillingness to delegate and let go.

As business owners, we find ourselves thinking, “if I only had 10 of me, things would be great!”

Sound familiar? Last thing we want is to become the bottleneck to scaling our own business.

Online Marketing Muscle’s Clone the Owner® methodology aims to help small business owners overcome these challenges by leveraging cutting-edge know-how coupled with best-in-class systems to build the business of their dreams.

Clone the Owner Methodology
Clone the Owner® Methodology

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Online Marketing Muscle® is a sales and marketing automation agency focused on helping growth-minded entrepreneurs level-up their business without the chaos.


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