Don’t Count on Luck for Reaching Your Business Goals

Praying MantisThis week my husband Dean found a Praying Mantis in our garden!  The Praying Mantis is a symbol of good luck in many cultures.  

So with this new found luck, I think we should unplug the computers, turn off the phones, put away all the paperwork and take off for Hawaii!  OK, now that I think of it, that’s probably not the best idea.  As is everything in life, waiting on your luck to change your circumstances is not the ultimate strategy. Just like your garden, if you want to have abundance, you need to nurture your business like you nurture your garden.  It’s nice to dream and to fantasize about winning the lottery, but you may want to have a plan in case your luck doesn’t hold out.  So here are a few tips I find that help me with my business goals:

  1. Make a list! Every Friday I make out a list of what I need to accomplish each day of the following week.  This includes appointments, tasks to be completed, and reminders of special events.  I have been doing this for years and it keeps everything that needs to get done in front of me.  Things get extremely busy at times and my mind gets easily cluttered because I am running a business and a household at the same time.  I find that my lists keep me sane and any help with my memory is invaluable.  So don’t count on your brain to keep all the information you need.  Clear up some space by writing it down or putting it on a calendar whether it is paper or electronic.
  2. Get help! Don’t even attempt to do everything on your own.  If you are not an accountant, don’t do your own taxes!  And if you are spending the entire weekend cleaning your house, hire someone to do it for you.  The time you spend on the things that you have no business doing can be spent growing your business.  A valuable lesson that I have heard for a long time, but have only more recently been putting into action.  And it is paying off!
  3. Have someone hold you accountable! If you have someone to report to every week you will be more likely to keep on track.  A coach can not only teach you specific strategies in the area where you need help (i.e., marketing), but can also hold you accountable for the things that you need to do to accomplish the goals you want to reach.

I am sure I have some more tips in my cluttered brain here.  When I think of them I will make a list and share them with you.  (Oh that list again, it is so helpful!)

2 thoughts on “Don’t Count on Luck for Reaching Your Business Goals”

  1. I also like putting easy things on my list, like taking out the dishes, just so I feel a sense of accomplishment no matter what it is!! lol And wow, I didn’t know that a praying mantis is a symbol of good luck for some…we just had one th…e size of a 747 on the ceiling of our front porch the other day!! 🙂

  2. Make A List !! My wife Laraine uses lists for everything. I do not. What I notice is she gets things done.I have since decided it would be important for me to keep all my tasks and projects in one place and i did not choose to use a Blacberry much to my surprise. I choose to use Pen and Paper. This has been an invaluable lesson for me I get more done I have more time and probably the greatest thing is how I fell about all the accomplishments that are taking place. If you do not write it down it does not get done!

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