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7 Powerful Email Marketing Activities to Boost Business

Eighty percent of customers prefer a business that uses digital insight to provide a more personalized experience.

With more businesses turning to digital, it’s more apparent that the future of marketing lies within the digital side of marketing. Therefore, every marketing campaign has to be designed for the digital world.

That means more social media marketing, email campaigns, or other digital strategies for your business. If you want your business to succeed, you need to know what marketing activities will work for your business.

While you can try many marketing strategies, one that continues to perform best is email marketing. It helps you stay connected with your target audience.

If you want to know more about email marketing activities that can help your business grow, check out these seven ways to boost your business.

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    1. Lead Magnet & Audience Targeting

    Lead Magnet & Audience Targeting

    One of the first email marketing principles is to have a target audience.

    While this isn’t necessarily an email marketing activity, it’s a stepping stone to an email marketing activity.

    You need to know your audience, including demographics, interests, problem-solution, and the whole nine yards. You need to know their behavior and how you can help them. The more you know about your audience, the higher chance of offering something that they want.

    When you have figured out your audience, you need to capture their attention by having them give you their email address.

    lead magnet can be a PDF guide that offers a helpful solution to your ideal audience. It should easily be downloadable after the subscriber gives you their email address.

    The purpose of a lead magnet is to give your core audience members something in exchange for their email addresses.

    You should put effort and think carefully about a lead magnet you want to create. For instance, if you have an online food business, you can create a lead magnet on the benefits of ordering meals online instead of going to the store.

    There are a lot of lead magnet ideas; you have to figure out what your audience is looking for so you can add subscribers to your email list.

    2. Email Automation

    Email Automation

    Email automation is letting the emails send themselves. But, first, you have to create a sequence of emails and put the subscriber on automation.

    For instance, if a subscriber sees your advertisement on social media and gives you their email address, you are responsible for sending out emails to engage with that subscriber.

    But instead of writing a new email each week to send to that subscriber, you can have five to seven emails written and spread out each week that the subscriber is automatically enrolled in when they give you their email address.

    These emails are sometimes called welcome sequences or abandoned cart sequences. All you have to do is pre-write however many emails, and then every new subscriber is on your automation.

    3. Email Segmentation

    Email segmentation

    Segmentation takes your audience and puts them on different email sequences based on what they clicked on. It’s based on the choices they make.

    Take, for example, a person who didn’t click on a link from an email campaign you sent them. How do you reengage them? You would probably put that person and others on a list – segment them – so you can reengage them later.

    Segmentation allows you to take your core audience and divide them based on their decisions.

    4. Test Email Subject Lines

    Test Email Subject Lines

    Email subject lines should constantly be tested. You can see how they perform in whatever email software you use to communicate with your audience.

    You can see the open rate of each email.

    One of the strategies to bring up your email open rate is to write personalized subject lines as you would to a friend. So, for example, you could say, “hey [subscribers name], I have a quick question.”

    The subscriber is way more likely to open it than something that feels like a sales email.

    When you visit our services, you can see how we help a business develop a powerful online presence with website design and other marketing services.

    5. Use Storytelling To Engage Subscribers

    Storytelling for subscriber engagement

    Email marketing allows you to communicate with all of your customers every week via email. You can tell stories about your customers and your product.

    You can tell stories about a customer’s experience, going from problem to solution. When you tell a story from the customer’s perspective, you will receive a positive response. The customer will feel like you understand them and their problems. So avoid trying to sell and instead try to tell a story.

    It’s a way to spread awareness and generate action.

    6. Re-Engage Email Subscribers

    Re-Engage Email Subscribers

    Another marketing strategy to consider is re-engaging email subscribers who didn’t make a purchase.

    You can segment your audience based on those who didn’t make a purchase and re-engage them later. Or maybe trigger a different email sequence altogether.

    Regardless, continually re-engage email subscribers until they unsubscribe.

    7. Personalize Email Content

    Personalize email Content

    The final tip for email marketing activities is to personalize the content. Write emails designed for humans, not robots.

    A strategy to help you personalize the content is to ask questions, understand what they are going through, and ask how you can help them.

    Email Marketing Activities Help Your Business Stay Connected with the Consumer

    Email marketing activities are designed to help you find ways to communicate with your audience. They are designed to be creative and helpful without being intrusive. That’s why these seven tips can help you with email marketing.

    If you can add these strategies to your email marketing campaigns, you have a higher chance of conversions. In addition, you have a higher chance of generating profit with a single email.

    If you want to learn more about adapting your business to technology, you can contact us here. It starts with a conversation.

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