Entrepreneurship in its Highest Form

Bill Baylis Coaching & Strategy

Do you think entrepreneurship can be taught? Why or why not?

I read this intriguing question on the NYReport.com blog and it really had me thinking hard about my own entrepreneurship and where I what it to take me.

My response to the question is a BIG YES!!! Entrepreneurship is absolutely a learnable skill.

Why? My belief is that this skill lives in our DNA like a 6th sense. (although in some people, it just lays dormant) Others use it as a survival tool to scratch out a living.

Entrepreneurship in its highest form is a journey that challenges one’s beliefs and values; it is also humbling because failure is our greatest teacher.

“Entrepreneurs learn by doing” and nothing feels better for us than adapting and overcoming the odds, creating success and living a life we have chosen!

What makes entrepreneurship tick in you?

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