Excited About Using Keap CRM

12 Things That Will Get You Excited About Using Keap CRM

Did you know that 91% of companies with 10+ employees use CRM technology?

CRM helps companies build relationships with customers, establish trust and increase customer loyalty. In addition, this technology allows businesses to learn important insights about their consumers. With this data, companies can get the most out of every interaction.

CRM systems are crucial in today’s competitive business world. They help companies learn about their target audiences, but they also increase efficiency by keeping all the data organized.

Keap CRM is a top-rated software available to businesses of any size. With many incredible features, this tool is bound to get you excited about the world of customer relationship management.

So, if you want to learn more about what makes Keap a solid choice for all your CRM needs, you’ve come to the right place. Read on and learn all about it.

1. Stay Organized

stay organized - keap

Keap makes it easy for users to have an organized view of essential data and information. Keap’s dashboard gives quick access to a business’ contacts, broadcast campaigns (text and email), messages, tasks, appointments, automation, reports, etc.

Users have the freedom to rearrange all the dashboard widgets, allowing them to have a completely personalized experience. In addition, the platform keeps all of the business’ data organized, making it easy to improve strategy.

The entire CRM software is user-friendly, making it a fantastic option for businesses just starting. However, its design and functionality are sophisticated enough to be a good option for businesses with plenty of experience using CRM technology.

2. Collect Contacts

keap helps you collect contacts

Customers engage with companies in many different ways- from engaging with them on social media to buying products or services directly in a brick-and-mortar location. Keeping an updated contact list allows businesses to have a clearer insight into every customer’s behavior.

Businesses can easily collect and organize all of their contacts through its platform. Keeping a log of how each contact interacts with a business’ content allows companies to understand their customers’ needs. The platform also lets businesses add and remove contacts to ensure that the database is always clean and updated.

Keap CRM can help optimize a client base by letting its users create subgroups and add tags and filters. This way, businesses can determine the best strategy to connect with each customer. And, if a user is looking for ways to grow their contact list, Keap provides them with many tools and data to help them do so.

3. Never Miss a Lead

keap - never miss a lead

Keap’s automated lead capture lets business owners have peace of mind that they will never miss a lead. The platform keeps all the leads generated through different marketing efforts in one convenient place. Businesses can sort and filter every lead to see where they came from, which is a fantastic way of seeing which campaigns are working best to attract customers.

Furthermore, Keap’s “lead scoring” feature gives companies an assessment of the leads’ level of interest based on engagement. With this data, businesses can focus on nurturing their most interested leads, helping them save time and money.

4. Access Data Anywhere

access data anywhere with keap

Keap features a beautiful, user-friendly desktop version of the platform and a fantastic mobile app. With both versions of the tool, users always have access to their data. Being able to pull information quickly means that a user can conduct business from anywhere in the world more efficiently.

5. Convert Leads

convert leads with keap

Keap CRM has fantastic automation features that help businesses have more conversions. Keap helps businesses send follow-up texts and emails to potential customers. This helps strengthen customer relationships, establish trust, and get more conversions and referrals.

With Keap, businesses can nurture leads from the moment they first interact with them. By having solid data on how clients engage with the business through every campaign step, users can get a clearer idea of what it takes to convert every lead.

6. Easily Integrate Other Apps

email marketing with keap

Keap makes it easy to integrate thousands of apps into the CRM software. Some of the apps that can be integrated include WordPress, Gmail, Outlook, OptinMonster, and many others. As a result, businesses can automate tasks and build a more efficient workflow using different tools.

For example, businesses can quickly add contacts collected from Facebook Leads Ads into their dashboard. Or, they can add responses to a survey to a contact’s profile. All of this increases productivity and optimizes the business’ efforts.

7. Optimize Your Email Marketing

Optimize Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential tool for businesses to establish an ongoing relationship with their customers. With Keap, businesses can set up stunning email campaigns with automated features.

With the data generated with every broadcast, Keap makes it easy to optimize every campaign, allowing businesses to send emails that their customers will genuinely be interested in. Furthermore, Keap offers a beautiful selection of curated templates and layouts, making the creation of each campaign faster and more efficient.

Companies can clearly understand how each contact interacted with the campaign in the CRM dashboard, giving important insights on what works and what doesn’t for every customer.

8. Build Better Strategies

build better strategies using keap crm

Keap gives businesses an extensive visual report of essential data and analytics. These reports are perfect for identifying problem and opportunity areas, allowing businesses to have a clear idea of what they need to work on to improve their strategy.

With stunning graphics and easy-to-understand reports, Keap removes the hassle of spending hours deciphering unorganized data.

Keap CRM makes it a breeze to learn more about each client’s behavior over time. Therefore, businesses can better understand how a client’s behavior has changed and what they can do to strengthen the relationship.

With this, businesses can have much more robust insight into each lead’s needs and strategize ways to meet those demands.

9. Get Help If You Need It

Get Help with Keap CRM when you need it

If a user needs help transitioning all of their business information, a Keap representative can guide them through every step to ensure a smooth and successful process. Keap features 24/7 support.

In addition, Keap also provides its community of users with plenty of resources to help them get the most out of the platform. Users can also join the official Facebook group and user community to get help and insights from other people using the platform.

10. Save Time Using Automation Features

save time with Keap

Keap users save about 10 hours a week using its automated features. In addition, through the platform, Keap allows businesses to automate follow-ups, increasing the client’s trust in the business and bringing more conversions.

Automation is a fantastic way for businesses to deliver more personalized responses and save time. Nowadays, many leads will not convert if a business has a long response time. With Keap, business owners can have peace of mind knowing that they can automate responses and keep their clients interested.

Using Keap’s CRM platform, businesses can use the insights and analytics to figure out the best automation strategies for each client.

11. Always Know What's Working and What Isn't

know whats working with keap

The most important part about building efficient relationships with clients is knowing which strategies improve the business practices and hinder them. After all, the ones that are not working are just taking time and money from the company.

Keap helps businesses understand what they can do to improve their practices and generate more leads and conversions. By allowing businesses to have an organized look at all of the tools needed to make and nourish a customer relationship, Keap helps businesses build relationships with customers that last.

12. Never Overpay

never overpay for keap crm

Keap offers different plans with competitive pricing. There are three different packages, including the CRM service and other valuable features.

The best part about Keap’s packages is that the prices fluctuate depending on how many contacts a business uploads to the system. Therefore, companies will never overpay. In addition, Keap offers a 14-day free trial, perfect for any business looking to explore the platform before committing.

Ready To Reap the Benefits of Keap CRM?

Keap CRM is a versatile software perfect for any business looking to grow their client database and establish better customer relationships. Keap offers many incredible features that can help take businesses to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for? If Keap CRM sounds like the right fit for your business, you’ve come to the right place.

Contact us today to see how Online Marketing Muscle can help speed up the learning process with this CRM and help your business reap the benefits of this software faster and more efficiently!

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