How well do you really know your target market? If you needed them to take immediate action, could you get them to? In this video, I share insights on how to connect deeper with your target market and ultimately get them to buy from you.


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28 thoughts on “Are Your Expectations of Your Target Market’s Actions Misguided?”

  1. After the holidays I really need to take a day and focus on marketing and getting the most out of what I do on my blogs. I will forsure be reading your articles over and over.

  2. I think that I know my Target Market pretty well… I am a mom with kids and I think most of my readers are, as well, according to my analytics…

  3. As a blogger, I know my target market perfectly. Of course there is always work to perfect, but at least I am on point with that.

  4. We were just talking about this on a recent episode of Marketing Momentum and how important it is to know your target market and audience. Preferably, before producing, say, a video or campaign.

  5. Chrishelle @ Cheer MamaDrama

    Great info as usual. Marketing is the key to a successful blog. After the holidays I intend to get a marketing strategy together. I know it should have been part of a business plan, but I did not put together a plan either.

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