Facebook Company Page: The Simplest Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan Ever.

The Facebook Company Page: A Simple Path to Disaster Recovery!

Bill Baylis Social Media Marketing

Could Your Facebook Company Page Be The Simplest Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan Ever?

Hurricane Sandy left millions in the tri-state region without power for many days and weeks to come. Facebook has proven again to be “The Source” for friends and family members to communicate, keep tabs on each other and mobilize communities to help those who need it the most!  Most Facebook friends understand that this is the new protocol in emergency situations.

Businesses, as a whole, have been slow to grasp the Facebook culture and fully embrace this indispensable tool for commerce. For whatever reason there are still many companies still do not believe in Facebook.

This storm has revealed a different and critical use for The Facebook Company Page to consider. Facebook can become The Simplest Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan Ever.

There are many businesses in jeopardy of taking major financial hits or even closing its operations all together because of the storm. Quality communication can make the difference between success and failure.

Here are some tips for businesses to incorporate into a Facebook Disaster Recovery Plan for better business continuity after a state of emergency.  It is easy and can make all the difference for your company’s life and death.

1)      Are you open?  Don’t let customer’s wonder. Keep them informed. As soon as possible send out posts to let them know your situation. Your Facebook fans are loyal and follow company pages because they care. What you post is also info they may need to know, like power in the area or if they should travel or not.

2)      Goodwill: Most business owners are generous and often utilize Facebook to give back.  Social media is a two way street; customers will frequent a store to help out local businesses who are struggling. Have an open line with your page’s followers.

3)      We are over here!! Relocation!!! (scary thought) Many businesses will be forced to move or operate from a new location. Companies who planned ahead and secured its clientele on a Facebook Company Page earned themselves a huge advantage to keeping their shop open. With a click of a button they will let their base know where they are operating from and any new procedures. A game changer.

After hurricanes, doctors’ offices reopen, restaurants serve food and hospitality, dry cleaners provide a place to power up cell phones, hockey pro shops need to relocate, gyms become a place to shower and the fire department takes donations. We are checking our Facebook updates.  Tell us about it!

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