Facebook – Gold Mine or Waste of Time?

Social networking is all the rage right now and comes in a multitude of flavors… guaranteed to be something for everyone. There is one however that appears to be on fire right now… and that’s Facebook.

Millions are using it and thousands upon thousands are joining into the craze every day.

So the big question becomes… how about for business… does it make sense to use Facebook as a means to promote your business?

In one word… absolutely! And here are 10 great reasons of why you need to be on Facebook now:

➊ Use It to Promote Your Brand

Dunkin’ Donuts® has Facebook users passing out virtual treats from their menu… creating massive top-of-mind target market awareness or more commonly referred to as brand awareness. Why not do something similar?

➋ Use It to Do Highly Targeted Prospecting

Facebook makes it real easy to both locate and open up conversation with people with specific interests and commonalities.

➌ Use It to Connect On a Deeper Level with Your Prospects and Clients

People buy from people, not businesses. Leverage Facebook to become more personable, human, and reachable. Write on your “friends” walls… add some photos of yourself… use Facebook’s “Groups” feature to build your own community within Facebook… the possibilities are endless.

➍ Use It to Promote Your Specials and Events

Facebook provides a number of ways to automatically notify your “friends” on Facebook of any time sensitive special or event. For starters try a combination of Facebook’s “Events”, “Status”, and “Wall” features to let others know what you’ve got going on.

➎ Use It to Drive Traffic to Your Web Site

Provide some links throughout your personal profile as well as create a page for your business that contains links that drive prospects back to specific areas of your business’s web site.

➏ Use It to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

As far as improving your overall search engine rankings, there is nothing like one-way incoming links from highly popular and trafficked web sites such as Facebook. According to Alexa.com, at the time of this writing, Facebook is ranked as the 8th most popular site on the web… that means out of all the web sites that exist on the Internet today… and there’s a lot of them… there are only 7 web sites that are more popular than Facebook.

➐ Use It to Do Highly Targeted Advertising

Yes this one does cost money however because of the amount of information that Facebook knows about its members, it has the power to pinpoint where your ads are placed… thus giving your ads a greater chance at success than most advertising mediums.

➑ Use It to Increase Your Credibility

Position yourself as an expert in your field by sharing some tidbits of wisdom on a regular basis and soon prospects will being seeking you out. Again leveraging features such as “Events” and “Groups” will set you well on your way to accomplishing this.

➒ Use It to Obtain Easier, More Direct Access to Mentors

Outside of the Facebook world, what I’ve found is that it has become more and more difficult to reach mentors directly. Typically there is an assistant of some sort playing traffic cop. While in Facebook, at least at the time of this writing, I’ve found it much easier to reach the actual person I wanted to reach. They were actually managing much of the Facebook interaction themselves. Now what you do with that access is up to you.

➓ Use It to Aggregate Feeds from Your Other Sources

Whenever I update my blog, a notification gets posted on my “Wall” for all my Facebook friends to see. Whenever I “tweet” using another Social Networking application called Twitter, again my Facebook profile is automatically updated. 

This stuff is powerful! Talk about working smarter not harder. Facebook, especially with the large assortment of add-in applications, has the capability to integrate some of your key online marketing tactics with your Facebook profile and pages.

So in closing, the name of the game is changing, and that game for right now at least is Facebook. In my opinion, Facebook is the epitome of where the Internet is headed. It provides an environment that fosters community, is experiential, interactive, immediate, unique, and completely addictive. And take it from me… these are all really good things for your business and Facebook.

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