Fastest Path to Cash

Is Your Small Business Traveling the Fastest Path to Cash?

Do you have the need to create better results quicker for your small business?

Well you are not alone.

It’s crunch time for small business owners everywhere. Here are 3 key concepts to finding your fastest path to cash!

3 key concepts to finding your fastest path to cash

Hey, it’s crunch time folks!

Hi, I’m Dean Mercado from Online Marketing Muscle, and yes, it is crunch time. We are getting towards the end of the year. Amazing this year has come and gone so quickly.

Now whether it happens to be the end of the year or not is irrelevant. For a small business owner, and I’m guessing you probably are a small business owner, we always seem to have the need to create better results quicker or as we say here in New York, in a New York minute.

What I’m going to talk about here today is a concept called Fastest Path to Cash… Fastest Path to Cash. Essentially what I’m going to break that down into three keys or three concepts that will help you achieve that.

Let’s dive right in.

Key#1 - Clarity

The first key concept in order to achieve the fastest path to cash is very simply clarity… clarity.

Now that sounds so simple right. However, I can’t tell you how many small business owners I’ve worked with on a regular basis over the last 12 or so years that when you ask them what they want and why, they don’t really seem to know. Or they are unable to really properly articulate exactly what it is they want and why they want it.

Therefore, very hard to achieve something you’re not really crystal clear on what it is. It’s like ready, aim, fire… and what are they firing at? They’re not really sure.

Getting crystal clear on what it is you want to accomplish and why you want to accomplish it.

So let’s say in the next 30 days you want to accomplish “x” amount of revenue. Well, why do you want that revenue? What is it going to do for your business? Because without the why you kind of lose the oomph, the impetus, the strength behind driving the goal of what you’re trying to achieve so understanding why you want that number is critically important.

Getting crystal clear and that could take 2 seconds for you to come up with the clarity, it could take 2 days, it could take 2 weeks. Hopefully not. Hopefully you understand your business well enough where you really do clearly understand what it is you want. But clearly articulated, better yet write it down. Get a piece of paper, write it down. Better yet, get a coach. Tell your coach or a mastermind partner, tell somebody so that you’re held accountable to what it is you’re saying that you want to create.

So getting clear is the first key piece of fastest path to cash.

Key #2 - Focus

The second key piece of fastest path to cash is focus… laser-like focus on exactly what it is that you’re trying to accomplish and nothing else. Get rid of the clutter. Remove the clutter. Think 80/20 where 20% of your activity during the course of the day is achieving 80% of your result.

That being said, 80% of the stuff you’re doing during the day isn’t really helping you very much. It’s clutter, it’s stuff, it’s creating chaos.

Those who get tremendous results regardless of the discipline whether you’re a small business owner, whether you’re a sales rep, whatever it is are the ones that are laser-like focused on something specific.

Think like a child for a moment. Children, when they want something… focus with everything in their being and they go right at it. That laser-like focus is what helps them achieve what it is they want to achieve. Makes them learn faster, makes them achieve faster.

Getting clarity and then getting laser-focused on what it is, removing that clutter so that you can just, like tunnel vision aiming exactly at what it is you are going for.

Key #3 - Massive Action

The third piece of this is massive action.

We can’t just will it to show up. It doesn’t work that way. I wish it did. If it did I would have had everything I could possibly dream of a long time ago. But yes, there is enjoyment, major enjoyment in the journey. Massive action is critical for you in achieving fastest path to cash.

We get crystal clear, we get focused and then we put massive action in place so we go at it.

The Rule of 5

A simple little tactic that I use, and I’ve used for years, is what I call the rule of five. Just do at least five things every single day towards what you are saying you want and you’ll likely achieve it. Regardless if what you wanted was to lose 10 pounds, 20 pounds, let’s say you wanted to lose 20 pounds because by next summer you’re not going to go through looking a little bit overweight like you might have done this year.

So, yes it could be accomplished, absolutely if you get clear on why you want that, why is that important to you to lose those 20 pounds. And then get focused on losing them and then take massive action towards losing that weight. Then most definitely by the time summer rolls around next year you will have achieved it. Fastest path to cash, clarity, right, get clear, get focused and take massive action and you’ll likely achieve the fastest path to cash.

Wrapping Up Fastest Path To Cash

Now once again we are running out of time, it is crunch time. What are you willing to do? I’d love to know. 

OK and hopefully you will take this and you’ll run with this, go with it. Create what it is you want to create. Create that greatness and don’t allow yourself to step into the next year without this kind of stuff going on.

We always say we want more, but are you willing to do, be, and then you will have more?

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