Got the Networking Group Blues? Change The Networking Mindset!

Bill Baylis Coaching & Strategy

Feeling those networking group blues? On the path of being found, a networking group is often the avenue where business owners start their marketing adventure.

The goal of this endeavor is to “ease”  your way into the networking world, making a safe play to enter into the arena. I know it’s tempting to play it safe, and you might even feel that you “might as well try it there’s nothing to lose.”

The game of networking needs to be played at a high level. To succeed, the mindset has to be that of a seasoned pro. The big breakdown is that the average networker does not realize there is even a game being played.  Hint: The goal of networking is not to seek your own level; the goal is to connect and bring value with the networking superstars.

Knowing this, how would you change your game plan or networking mindset? Think of hitting the networking world as playing in the major leagues. The advanced networker already knows this. Hint: Your company’s past success is not a guarantee you will be accepted as a big-leaguer in a networking world.

The advanced networker has done their homework and paid their dues, they look for clues from you to see if you’re ready to play the bigger game with them.

Successful rainmakers have realized that networking is a fast paced game that needs to be leveraged with the best team players they can find. Be honest with yourself, are you one of them?

In the networking world time is money. We’ve got to understand this before we start playing the game.

A recipe for a new networking mindset:

  • Think success– People want to do business with people they like and who appear successful. (Are you one of them?)
  • Have a Game plan– Study and read up on the best networking insights out there
  • Play hard– Time is money. Go all in or stay in bed.
  • Connect– Find the movers and shakers, keep meeting and connecting with them
  • Dress to impress–  A superstar LinkedIn profile with a killer headshot is a must!
  • Refer– It’s the point of the game. Walk even a lukewarm lead right to your connection. No short cuts.
  • Game time–  You may meet at a diner. If so, pass on the pancakes and bacon. Network. Play to win!
  • Be strategic– Timely and targeted hits are what drive in the runs and ultimately win games!
  • Play with honor– A lead is not a hot potato. Honor them all.


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