"Greatness Guide: 101 Lessons for Making What's Good at Work and in Life Even Better"

Robin Sharma

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I have to say that so few books in the Self Help/ Self Improvement/ Personal Leadership/ or whatever you want to call this genre, break new ground with fresh concepts never discussed somewhere else before. Regardless of that thought though , this in my opinion doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t read these books with newer spins on old topics – Quite the contrary. I’m of the belief that you cannot reinforce great concepts enough and that there is someone meant to hear a specific message from you personally – regardless of who broke ground on that topic ahead of you.

So with that being said, I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars – not so much for breaking new ground, but more for putting a great spin on age-old wisdom.

By weaving powerful real-life storytelling and numerous timely great quotes to convey wisdom of the ages, Robin Sharma does a fantastic job of communicating 101 bold yet simple truths that can explode your happiness and success in life as well as in business.

I personally thoroughly enjoyed Robin Sharma’s easing conversational writing style and humble approach to these sometimes touchy topics. While some of these jolts of wisdom may on the surface seem like common sense, I for one certainly needed to hear them again. This is one of those rare books that should become a perennial read for all – it certainly will for me.

Though this book is a quick and easy read, I highly recommend that you don’t let the power of each of the 101 gems-of-advice slip past you. I got the most value by taking the time to reflect on the key point of each gem and identifying action items for myself that would make the key points stick.

Have you read this book? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it…

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