Hire or Sell? The Marketing Plan Sweet Spot Goes For Both

Target Your Marketing Sweet Spot

This may sound crazy but, even in a time with over 8% unemployment and an up & down economy, many businesses are still challenged in finding quality employees. Business owners are faced with the choice of whether to spend their precious time and resources on hiring or creating a marketing plan aimed at growth.

The dilemma, there is never a time when either should be put on hold!  There can’t be growth without marketing and sales, just like there cannot be growth without staff who understands excellent service.

Does it have to be one or the other? Many small business owners make this call according to their risk tolerance or the belief their marketing plan can only handle one or the other.

If your risk tolerance is to be unstoppable… You go for both! Turn that challenge into opportunity; create a direct marketing campaign around recruiting potential employees while persuading the client to buy.

Marketing to high end clientele AND premier talent share the same sweet spot.

Aspiring workers want to see a growth pattern, want to see systems are in place for training, want to know training is going on and hard work is appreciated and rewarded… your best clients and prospects want to know those same processes are in place within your organization.

The challenge of hiring is not to hire, it is to recruit. Recruiting is a creative process to find the very best (candidate/client) and persuade them to come (join/buy) from you.  Aim that marketing plan sweet spot right in the middle and go for both.

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