How To Add Some Muscle To Your Marketing Using This Simple Yet Effective Technique

Well it’s holiday season once again and you know what? – There’s simply no better time than the present to leverage a few dollars from your marketing budget to deepen your key professional relationships.

Now what am I talking about? I’m talking about sending holiday greeting cards to those responsible for you being in business today – this could be your clients, joint venture partners, key vendors, key affiliate partners, mentors, coaches, employees, or whoever you deem vital to your success. Heck you may even want to include a few of your key prospects in this as well.

While the concept of sending holiday greeting cards may on the surface seem mundane, it can serve as quite an effective marketing tactic if done correctly. And yes, I consider sending holiday cards as marketing. It’s more personal and authentic in nature than most traditional marketing however, it’s marketing nonetheless. 

And I strongly believe that the effectiveness of any marketing tactic or strategy is dependent on how you are showing up for each member of your target market. So in the case of holiday greeting cards, the effort and personalization you put forth are critical to its effectiveness.

Let me ask you… What would you rather receive from someone you have continually spent your hard earned money with? No card at all? The same pre-printed card that was probably sent to numerous others? A blanket email that was probably sent to everyone in their database? Or a good quality card that they obviously took the time to personalize by handwriting something specific to you?

I’m guessing this is a no-brainer. In my opinion none of the other options can replace a personalized handwritten greeting card. It simply does wonders for cultivating authentic relationships. It makes people feel special… like they matter… and you know what? They should matter to you and what would be so wrong with letting them know that they do?

Sending handwritten personalized holiday greeting cards can also play a pivotal role in differentiating you and your business from the competition! Despite what some may think, not all businesses send cards, let alone handwritten personalized ones. And regardless if your competition sends them out or not, this is a unique opportunity for you to connect on a more personal level with those most important to you.

Now I’ve heard every excuse in the book from people why they do not or cannot send holiday cards – probably the most common one is that they don’t have the time.

My response to that is to make the time, as those important to your success are worth it. If that’s simply impossible, then get some help – you could always hire a virtual assistant to help you make it happen. Or simpler yet, just do what you can by maybe scaling it down to only sending cards to your 5 most perfect Clients.

Yes there’s a good possibly that those important to your success won’t feel slighted by not receiving a card from you however why not take the opportunity to connect authentically?

So in closing here’s my challenge to you, this week send handwritten personalized holiday greeting cards to your 5 most perfect clients – letting them know that you were thinking of them and that you wish them and their families well this holiday season. Remember be genuine, be authentic, and allow it to be personal.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2006 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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