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How Keap Consulting Software Can Help You Please Your Clients

If you feel like your processes are hurting your small business, you aren’t alone.

Companies lose up to 30% in revenue each year due to inefficiencies. These inefficiencies can exist within their marketing strategy or elsewhere.

For example, companies large and small know that they need to go digital. And yet, 84% of companies fail at the digital transformation. Despite their efforts, they’re still burdened by cumbersome legacy systems that don’t communicate with each other.

Read on if you’re struggling to integrate automation and CRM tools into your small business. Find out how Keap consulting software can help you deliver real value to your clients.

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    Share Contact Details with Your Team

    Every service-based business needs a contact database. But if that database doesn’t integrate with your other marketing systems, you’ll have trouble automating essential marketing and sales processes.

    Small business owners need to stay organized. Keap helps you organize all your contacts, clients, and data in one location. You can even share contact details with the rest of your team.

    Create custom lists of contacts so you can send the right messages to the right people. Custom lists are an essential tool for creating client satisfaction.

    92% of consumers said they would stop buying from a company after less than three negative customer service experiences. If you think this only applies to B2C businesses, think again.

    B2B buyers are more likely to make repeat purchases and retain your services. Souring your relationship with one client can seriously impact your revenue.

    Keap even has a mobile app to upload contact information from business cards. It’s as easy as snapping a photo. You’ll never miss another lead, and you can convert contacts while out and about.

    Build Follow-Up Campaigns

    If you know anything about sales, nothing is more crucial than the follow-up. Companies that follow up with leads within an hour after receiving a query are seven times more likely to convert the lead.

    Persistence is also important. Surprisingly, many small business owners give up after one follow-up with a prospect. You could be missing out on tons of opportunities just by neglecting to follow up consistently.

    The problem is that most small business owners are too busy. It’s tempting to move on to the next big project rather than chase down a lead. But chasing down leads is how you’ll bring in more business and more revenue.

    Keap makes it easy to build follow-up campaigns. It uses a combination of sales & marketing automation and a robust CRM system to send follow-up emails without you having to lift a finger.

    Set up the campaigns before you hear from prospects. While you do other tasks, emails will automatically be sent. These campaigns are based on rules and will react to how each prospect behaves.

    For example, if you obtain a contact through your website, Keap’s email client can automatically send them a welcome email. In the age of Amazon, most people have come to expect this level of instant engagement. Regardless of whether they are shopping online for new clothes or inquiring about your services.

    You can use Keap’s follow-up sequences for your existing customers as well. 80% of your future profits will come from just 20% of your existing clients. Use Keap to keep your current clients in the loop.

    Automate Marketing and Business Processes

    Marketing automation is a process of simplifying tasks using software. These tasks typically take a lot of time and effort if done manually.

    They include tasks like pushing out email drip campaigns, posting social media messages, and even qualifying leads.

    But there are plenty of other tasks you can automate. The trick is letting the software do the work for you. For example, you can set up workflows to follow up after client calls and create customized communications triggered by your clients’ actions.

    Keap includes all the tools you’ll need to automate processes and build a small business marketing engine. They include:

    • CRM
    • Marketing automation
    • Sales pipeline
    • Online sales
    • Payments
    • Analytics
    • Integrations and plugins (for hundreds of apps)
    • Appointments and calendars
    • Quotes, Invoices, and Documents

    Every tool you deploy should lead you toward delivering client success. For example, Keap’s marketing and automation toolset make your business processes more efficient, so pleasing clients is a snap.

    Let Clients Make Purchases Online

    You may think that online purchasing is relegated only to the online retail industry. But interest in online purchasing is also rising in the B2B space.

    Younger professionals are used to making purchases online in their personal lives and see no reason to eschew buying online just because they’re buying other types of services.

    According to Forrester, 68% of B2-B customers prefer to do independent research online before purchasing. Furthermore, 60% of those buyers would rather not rely on a sales representative as their primary source of information.

    Keap will help you talk to your clients and prospects without picking up the phone. In addition, all your promotions can be segmented by specific characteristics, even events, holidays, and birthdays.

    Most importantly, Keap lets you create your online storefront. The storefront collects billing information and can feature custom order forms. So whether you sell a product or a service, you can close the gap between researching and buying online.

    Make the Most of Your Business Consulting Software

    If you’re trying to grow your small business, you’ve got enough on your plate. Let Keap help you automate and streamline your processes, so you can generate more revenue.

    To integrate your new software seamlessly into your business, rely on a Keap Certified Partner to guide you. Online Marketing Muscle is a sales & marketing automation agency that helps businesses like yours get the most out of Keap.

    Contact Online Marketing Muscle today for a free consultation and to learn more about Keap consulting software.

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