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How To Magnetize Your Business To Attract Prospects

We discuss how to magnetize your business to attract your ideal prospects and then how to ask for the sale.

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40 thoughts on “How To Magnetize Your Business To Attract Prospects”

  1. Avatar of Dawn Lopez

    Cool! Running a business or blog is a never ending learning process. Thanks a bunch for these great tips! Will definitely be beneficial down the line! Can use all the help I can get 😉

  2. Avatar of Scott

    This is some great business knowledge for sure. Getting more customers is the key to any business, whether working for yourself or someone else.

  3. Avatar of Ronnie

    I’m terrible at sales but it was interesting to me that Jeff mentioned the ‘listening’ bit. I’ve noticed that sales people excel at speaking but not necessarily listening. 🙂 I guess it’s a big difference between working in sales and marketing.

  4. Avatar of Jeff

    You can never have too much information…especially information like this. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips that will help me to flex a little bit of Online Marketing Muscle! 🙂

  5. Avatar of Cindi Thornton

    Wow! This is wonderful information. Besides having a very small blog that I am trying to do my best with, I run a small in home childcare, and I can see where a lot of these tips would benefit me! I am horrible at selling myself!

  6. Avatar of Joanne

    Great tips! You can use these ideas for a brick & mortar business or an online business/blog. I have a booth at a local market selling tactical and self defense items and knowing your target market is very important.

  7. Avatar of Carmen's Coupon Blog
    Carmen's Coupon Blog

    I need to find more ways to market my blog and it gets harder and harder to get people to interact on FB so I need to find other ways to get my blog visible.. Thank You for the tips

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