5 Tips To Empower Your Website To Sell For You

How To Make Your Website Your Best Salesperson

Hey, small businesses can use all the sales and marketing help they can get… am I right or am I right?!

The typical small business just doesn’t seem to have the means to hire the team they need to bring in the business. This is a big problem that typically forces the small business owner to try to go it alone… becoming the so-called “Chief Cook & Bottle-Washer”.

Now where there’s a will, there’s a way and there are ways around this dilemma. One way which we’ll discuss here is to empower your website to become a virtual salesperson. How? Well here are 5 tips to transform your website into your best salesperson!

① Provide Lead Generation

It’s simple… Everyone loves free stuff. So the idea here is to offer something for free on your website that your ideal prospect would love to get their hands on. In exchange, all you ask for is their contact information and the right to market to them going forward. Essentially you are dangling a carrot in front of them… a carrot in the form of a free special report, a free newsletter, a free eBook, free tips and tricks, free discount coupon, or a free whatever.

Chances are if they’re interested enough to sign up at your website, they may be interested in what you offer at some point.

Keep in mind, you should be trying to build or solidify a relationship here with your prospects, not sell them; so this free giveaway must be value driven not sales pitch driven.

② Establish or Further Your Credibility and Brand

Since people most often buy from people they know, like, and trust, your website can be a great tool in helping build the comfort level needed to influence your prospects to buy from you.

Some great ways of doing this are by providing references, case studies, and testimonials of satisfied customers. These forms of unbiased third-party justifications are powerful at removing the fears out of doing business with you!

③ Provide Pre-sales and Post-sales Support

The possibilities here are endless. Tactics can go from as simple as a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your website to more interactive methods such as blogs, forums, online chatting, and more. These tactics are great to help convert those prospects who are either “sitting on the fence” or just can’t seem to get enough information to make a decision.

④ Allow Prospects to Buy Your Products and Services Directly From Your Website

Hey if your prospect is ready to buy, they’re ready to buy. Why stand in their way? Give them the ability to buy whichever products or services that you see fit right from your website using either their credit card or some other immediate means such as PayPal.

The bottom line here is that people buy first with emotion and then justify their purchase afterwards with logic. So capitalize on that emotion… Get them while they’re hot so to speak and help them justify their purchase afterwards with your stellar post-sales support.

⑤ Provide Full Contact Information

This final tip is one that may seem like common sense but I guess it’s not because I come across websites all the time that either do not provide full contact information or hide it so well that it’s almost impossible to find.

The idea here is to make it real easy for prospects to find you both online and offline. Provide full contact information that at a minimum includes a phone number, a fax number, an email address, and a physical mailing address because the lack of providing one can make a prospect question whether or not you are a real business.

Best case scenario is to provide this information on every page of your website this way you prospect has it at their fingertips if they want it.

So in closing, the key lesson here is leverage. If you got a website, make it work overtime for you. Give it a chance to earn its keep. Why not? It cost you money to create it and even more to maintain it. Milk it for all its worth!

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2 thoughts on “How To Make Your Website Your Best Salesperson”

  1. Great review of the basics Dean, thanks. We often seem to get side tracked or distracted from our core intentions for our web sites on occasion. Great to see a solid basics refresher like this once and awhile. Thank You!

    Mark Bullock

  2. You’re very welcome Mark! It is our excellent execution of fundamentals such as these that helps one make the leap from good to great… don’t you think?

    Dean Mercado
    The “Motivational Marketer”

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