how to write the perfect testimonial

A 4 Step Formula For Writing The Perfect Testimonial

Testimonials rock, and a perfect testimonial will drive business!

How so?

Simply put, they influence your target market.

So what are they? Why does your business need them? How do you help your Clients write the perfect one?

Let me tee this one up for you.

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    What Are Testimonials

    Testimonials are 3rd party endorsements. Whether it’s feedback on an online review site such as Google, a video testimonial for use on a website, or just a few kind words left on a voicemail… it’s all good.

    Testimonials can be compelling if crafted and leveraged correctly.

    Why Are Testimonials Important For Your Business

    The two most significant benefits of testimonials are:

    1. Increased credibilitywhich ultimately leads to… 
    2. Increased sales

    Consumers have learned to tune out most marketing. There, I said it. They don’t care about you. They only care about what you can do for them when they want you. Harsh, I know. However, it’s the reality we as small businesses are currently facing.

    One type of marketing they have grown dependent upon when shopping, though, is testimonials.

    Testimonials, especially online reviews, have become a consumer’s crutch. One that, in a sense, is being used to shortcut the due diligence needed to make buying decisions.

    Whether that is good or bad is a conversation for another day. But, the bottom line is that testimonials, if leveraged correctly, currently work in any form.

    The 4-Step Perfect Testimonial Formula

    So with that in mind, I intend to provide you with a 4-step formula for writing the perfect testimonial. Use it yourself when reviewing others and use it to help your clients create testimonials for you.

    Here goes.

    STEP 1: The "Before" State

    This is where you expose the state of where you once were before getting help from the recipient of your testimonial; the more commonplace and/or uncomfortable your state of being, the more influential the perfect testimonial tends to be.

    Some possible starter phrases for your consideration might be:

    STEP 2: The "After" State

    This surmises what you got out of… the consulting, the coaching, the book, the seminar, the workshop, the home study program, or whatever help you received… kind of a bottom line value statement. A key point to keep in mind here is that it’s typically more effective when you monetize your results.

    For example:

    STEP 3: What's Now Possible

    This component addresses what other new possibilities the future may hold for you – Where do you see yourself going from here?

    Some questions you can ask yourself to bring about ideas might be:

    STEP 4: Call to Action

    It may come as a surprise to you, but most people secretly want to be led. They want to be told what they should do next. They also have a distinct desire to fit in – following suit with the status quo. A good call to action can accomplish these objectives and become a mighty weapon for you.

    Some possible calls to action might be:

    In Summary

    Here’s a small image you can save (or share) to remind you how to craft that perfect testimonial.

    The 4-Step Perfect Testimonial Formula

    Let's Wrap This Up

    Being how powerful a well-crafted perfect testimonial can be, I highly recommend that you use every opportunity to get testimonials about you, your team, your product, your service, or your business. 

    Collecting and effectively using testimonials should become a key marketing strategy for your business – regardless of the business, you’re in. They should be collected regularly and weaved throughout all of your marketing. Better yet, automate the process of soliciting testimonials, and in turn, you’ll likely shorten your sales cycle. We do this stuff all the time for our Clients using our sales & marketing automation solutions. Flag us if you’d like some help doing it for you.

    Another critical note for your consideration is that I’m a firm believer in what goes around, comes around – bottom line, if you want a testimonial, you have to be willing to give a testimonial. So get in the habit of writing reviews.

    Here’s to your success!

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