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How Well Do You Know Your Target Market… Really

How well do you really know your target market? If you needed them to take immediate action, could you get them to? In this video, I share insights on how to connect deeper with your perfect target market and ultimately get them to buy from you.

Let me paint a scenario for you.  You put up this great website and yet still your target market does nothing, your phone doesn’t ring, nothing happens.  OK so then you do some SEO and you do some other traffic-driving marketing or social media and you’re getting some traffic to your website. Still nothing happens, phone doesn’t ring. Now what? The question you need to be asking yourself is where is the disconnect? What’s missing? Why aren’t they doing what I need them to do?

The idea I want you to think about is what are you communicating to them when they show up? Let’s expand on that a little bit more. This is a little deep.  Your target market does not know what they don’t know. Let me say that again, your target market does not know what they don’t know. So even though they make their way to your website, they may not fully understand first off what it is you do, let alone what you do can help them with what they need.

What your website says and how it presents information or any marketing you do how that marketing presents information is critically important. It’s never been or going to be a set it and forget it kind of thing or a build it and they will come kind of thing when we talk about business and marketing, your product line or your services.

It’s not about just put that service into play and all of a sudden you’ll have all these clients. It never was that way and if it was you were lucky. Good for you! But for most of the rest of us it doesn’t work that way.

So understanding where your target market’s pains really are and communicating with them in a way that addresses their needs. It’s not enough to just have a website and drive traffic to that website. What that website says and what the strategy is to convert that traffic into a prospect and ultimately into a paying client is critically important. That’s where the strategy comes into play.

Again think about it, your target market doesn’t know what they don’t know. What are you doing to educate them on what it is they don’t know and why they should care. A little hint, what it is that they don’t know and why they should care is your service or product and why they should care about it. 

What difference in their life can your product or service provide to them? Paint that picture clearly, how your product or service can help them solve whatever pain they are having. Point out that you know that pain. Help them understand that you understand them and that you know what’s important to them. Then you are on your way to actually making some things happen!

For example, my company provides websites. Does my target market really know the difference between a decent website and a great website? For me to assume that they do is setting me and my company up for failure. Think about that for your business.  Are you making any assumptions like that? How could you eliminate that blind spot that your target market has? Can you provide a checklist of some sort that helps them compare different service providers or different products that compete? Help them understand what it is they should look for in a company that provides that service. What’s important, really important? Because again, they don’t know what they don’t know.

I hope this was valuable for you. Put some thought into this because if you do miraculous things can happen for you. If you don’t you get more of the same. Hopefully the same has been good for you.

28 thoughts on “How Well Do You Know Your Target Market… <em>Really</em>”

  1. After the holidays I really need to take a day and focus on marketing and getting the most out of what I do on my blogs. I will forsure be reading your articles over and over.

  2. I think that I know my Target Market pretty well… I am a mom with kids and I think most of my readers are, as well, according to my analytics…

  3. As a blogger, I know my target market perfectly. Of course there is always work to perfect, but at least I am on point with that.

  4. I think I am making progress getting to my target market; but I still have a long way to go. Thank you for these tips.

  5. I have been planning goals for 2014 and this is a great video for me to watch. I want to grow my business and love having great videos like this to help me on my way.

  6. We were just talking about this on a recent episode of Marketing Momentum and how important it is to know your target market and audience. Preferably, before producing, say, a video or campaign.

  7. Chrishelle @ Cheer MamaDrama

    Great info as usual. Marketing is the key to a successful blog. After the holidays I intend to get a marketing strategy together. I know it should have been part of a business plan, but I did not put together a plan either.

  8. Danielle @ We Have It All

    I do actually watch this. I keep very close track of my stats. I’m a mom and most of my readers are too.

  9. Knowing your target audience is supremely important to the success of whatever it is you are putting out there. Thanks for the tips and reminders!

  10. I know my target, I know my goals but for some reason I don’t know if I am marketing myself the right way to make the money I want too..

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