Inbound Marketing Services… The Muscle Powering Your Marketing Strategy!

At Online Marketing Muscle®, inbound marketing services focuses on attraction-based marketing tactics instead of the old interruption-based marketing ones. It is an integrated approach aimed at drawing your target market toward you in a way that is perceived as non-intrusive, timely, and welcomed.

Inbound Marketing Services by Online Marketing MuscleInbound marketing services cater to the who, what, when, where, why and how people want to receive value…. we call this the “5W’s +1”. It educates… it entertains… and ultimately it seeks to establish trust and rapport between you and your target market.

Within Online Marketing Muscle’s Inbound Marketing Services approach (see diagram to the right) lie several key focal areas:

  • Strategy
  • Traffic Generation
  • Lead Generation
  • Client Generation
  • Metrics
  • Brand

Let’s break these down for you one-by-one.

Marketing Strategy… The Master Plan

We firmly believe that at the heart of any great marketing (and business) success, lies great strategy. Marketing Strategy that is not only proven, but realistic as well.

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CAUTION: Great Strategy Without Great Execution Produces Marginal Results At Best

Regardless of how seemingly perfect your marketing strategy is, it must be coupled with “excellence of execution” in order to stand a chance of producing the results you desire.

Our Marketing Formula is Simple…


Traffic Generation… Your Lifeblood

Whether you conduct business online, offline or a hybrid of both, you need traffic. In the online world, traffic is the equivalent of visitors to any of your online properties (e.g. your website, Facebook page, Google+ page, etc.).

Not All Website Traffic Is Created Equal

Here’s the catch though. You don’t want just any traffic. You want to attract those from within your target market who are interested in either you, what you offer or in a perfect world, both.

The key to attracting the right traffic… Matching the right traffic generation tactics to your business (and to your target market as well). This principle stems from our core philosophy that we call finding “Your Unique Marketing Recipe” for success.

Marketing Tactics To Consider

Some of the more effective and mainstream marketing tactics for traffic generation include blogging, social media and SEO.

Lead Generation… Create Genuine Interest

Once you are effectively driving targeted traffic toward your online properties, it’s critical to have the means in place to capture the most suitable portion. These are the ones that are genuinely interested in you and what you offer. They likely have a need or a want that requires attention.

Typically we capture using the right bait… we call these “ethical bribes”. Essentially we provide value for free in exchange for their contact information and their permission to market to them going forward. All with the understanding that they can sever the relationship at any time they feel we are not adding value.

Ethical bribes might come in the form of webinars, special reports, video series, checklists, etc.

Marketing Tactics To Consider

Some of the more effective and mainstream marketing tactics for lead generation include content creation, web forms, calls-to-action, landing pages, etc.

Client Generation… Close The Right Ones

You’ve got leads… now what? Nurture, qualify, and when it makes sense, bring on new clients.

Not All Leads Are Created Equal

What exactly do we mean “if it makes sense, bring on new clients?” Well not all leads are going to be a good fit. When seeking to make a sale, we recommend keeping in your mind’s eye a picture of one of your best clients. Use an approach and demeanor that works for that relationship and you’ll likely attract more just like them.

Additionally, all leads are not ripe for the picking right now. Some need time to percolate… to bond with you further. This is where your systems for nurturing are so important.

Marketing Tactics To Consider

Some of the more effective and mainstream marketing tactics for client generation include email marketing, content creation, webinars, special offers, etc.

Marketing Metrics… Because The Numbers Never Lie

Marketing Metrics… the measurements and analytics that will empower you to make better decisions based on facts.

Simply put, if you don’t understand your numbers, you don’t truly understand your business. While that may seem a bit direct, we feel we owe it to you to tell it like it is. Our ideal and most successful clients prefer it that way… hopefully, you do as well.

Each inbound marketing component, as well as the individual tactics within, have their own set of metrics that can be tracked and analyzed. Typically we recommend choosing ones based on your business goals.

Marketing Metrics To Consider

Some examples of metrics commonly tracked and analyzed for our clients include:

  • total website traffic and sources
  • keyword performance
  • search engine rankings
  • content performance
  • # of leads generated / clients generated
  • etc.

Strengthening Your Brand

Brand… that which your target market’s 6 senses pick up about you… and yes, we include the 6th sense of intuition here as many tend to trust their gut.

Our inbound marketing services (whether directly or indirectly) ultimately contribute to the strengthening of your brand. This is key for not only client generation, but client retention as well. We seek to help you create “raving fans”… ones that not only continue to buy, but willingly provide testimony and referrals.

Marketing Tactics To Consider

Some of the more effective and mainstream marketing tactics for strengthening your brand include marketing automation, reputation management, special events & offers, etc.