Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

What is inbound marketing? How about outbound marketing? Why should you care?

This video will demystify these two popular catch phrases.

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Video Transcript

Hi, you ever hear of the phrase, “inbound marketing?” How about “outbound marketing?”

Hi, I’m Dean Mercado from Online Marketing Muscle, and what I’m going to attempt to share with you here today is a little bit of insight. I want to shed some light on these two hot phrases. If you’re not already seeing them everywhere, you’re going to start seeing them everywhere when it comes to marketing a business. We got inbound marketing versus outbound marketing, what are they?

Let’s take inbound marketing on first. Inbound marketing, I want you to think of as more attraction-based marketing, magnetic-type marketing, where you’re drawing your audience to you magnetically, you’re bringing them in. As opposed to outbound marketing, where we look at that more as interruption-based marketing, where we’re shoving our message in front of our target market or our audience’s face. That is the over-simplification of inbound marketing versus outbound marketing. Now, none of them is bad or neither of those are bad, I should say. You kind of want to have a combination of both in your marketing plan, for most businesses, that is.

You’re seeing inbound marketing really take off right now, things like content creation, blogging, social media, SEO, those are typically looked at as inbound marketing tools.

Then you got the flip side of it, the outbound side of it, where people are doing paid advertising and they might be doing paid advertising on search engines, paid advertising on social media, ads in the paper, newspaper or magazine, those are more of the paid things, those outbound things.

I wanted to kind of give you that little distinction, what’s inbound, outbound. We’ve got attraction-based, interruption based, and when you use both of them together, wow, they could be powerful.

Stick around, read my blog, and what I’ll do is I’ll turn you on to a tactic of exactly using both together that I think you’ll find valuable.

I’m Dean Mercado once again, Online Marketing Muscle, and here’s to your success.

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