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Top 10 Ways to Increase Blog Page Rank

So what’s the point of creating a blog if no one is reading it?  In order for people to read your blog, they have to know that it exists right?  This is where search engines come in handy.  But search engines list millions of websites and blogs daily and to see your blog people need to sort through a ton of bad sites.  So how do you get your blog to rank higher in search engines so that you can be found?  Well it’s your lucky day because below I have listed ten ways to increase your blogs page ranking!

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    ➊ SEO Friendly Blog/Website Template

    When search engines look at your website, they look at the underlying code that most people do not see.  You need a template that is designed to make it easier for search engines to read. Using the proper header tags to denote keywords is one of the many methods used.  Search engines tend to like “

    ➋ Maintain Keyword Density Ratio

    One of the ways that search engines rank your page is with keywords. Your blog must have the proper amount of keywords in your blog post. Blogs that do not have enough keywords will not rank very high. You also don’t want to over optimize. If you you stuff your posts with nothing but keywords this can be just as detrimental as not using enough keywords.

    ➌ Image Optimization

    Search engines do not yet have a way to index images. This is why you need to use alt and title tags in all your images. This helps search engines know that you have pictures on your site. Most SEO services will agree that good image tags will attract more readers.

    ➍ Post Length

    Good SEO strategy dictates that your blog post be at least 300 words. Any less than this does not give search engines enough content to rank. High-ranking blogs usually have 800 or more words in their posts.

    ➎ Social Bookmarking

    Your blog will be even more powerful when you give your readers a way to share your content on popular social networking sites. Always link your blog with your Facebook page and Twitter account. Be sure to put a “like this” button at the bottom of each post and your Facebook profile button in the sidebar.

    ➏ Fresh Content

    Search engines, like people, love fresh content. When you blog gets stale, most search engines will just pass you by without re-indexing your site. This will hurt your page ranking. Consistently posting new content on a regular basis will keep your page rank from sinking.

    ➐ Internal Linking

    To reduce bounce rates and increase page views, one idea that most SEO services suggest are internal linking. By linking your new articles to older posts you are giving your new readers an incentive to stay on your page longer.

    ➑ Proper Meta Description

    Meta descriptions give search engines an idea of what your content is about. This will help to correctly index your site and posts. Proper meta descriptions are essential in high page ranking blogs.

    ➒ Website speed

    A slow site not only discourages people from reading your blog, it also hinders site indexing by search engines. To help your page rank higher, your website needs to be quick. To do this, you need optimized images and fewer ads.

    ➓ High-Quality content

    Your content needs to be king. In order for your royal blog post to be taken seriously, you need proper spelling, grammar, and structure. Content that is not written well can do more harm than anything else and can cost you blog viewers. High-quality content gains respect and that respect gains readers.

    Ways To Increase Blog Page Ranking: Final Thoughts

    A good SEO company will help you with your web design and online marketing to increase your page rank. In order for you to become a top blogger, you need to know what your readers want. The best way to do this is to research ongoing Facebook trends, find out what everyone is talking about. By knowing what drives your readers, your blog will be the first in their minds and search engine ranking.


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