Work Smarter
NOT Harder!

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Work Smarter
NOT Harder!

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It’s simply the BEST AUTOMATION SOFTWARE for small business!

That’s just not our opinion though… there are over 125,000 small business users globally to back us up!

We like to refer to it as the least expensive ROCK STAR employee you will ever employ!


HINT… it’s not about the tool… although it is quite awesome. Infusionsoft provides a multitude of features and benefits critical to scaling a small business.

For example…besides being a powerful CRM, it can help you structure and automate much of your marketing, sales and workflow activity. And yes, it does handle the basics such as email marketing too… brilliantly we might add!

Infusionsoft cannot do this stuff alone though… it’s how you implement it that matters most.

At Online Marketing Muscle, we leverage Infusionsoft for both ourselves and our Clients via our proven system called “Clone the Owner™.”

For many small business owners like you, transforming their business from being a ‘job’ they created for themselves into a ‘business’ that can scale is extremely challenging; Whether it be due to lack of capital… not enough time in the day… the inability to find or train the talent needed… or simply the unwillingness to delegate and let go.

As business owners, we find ourselves thinking, “if I only had 10 of me, things would be great!”

Sound familiar? Last thing we want is to become the bottleneck to scaling our own business.

Online Marketing Muscle’s 4-Step Clone the Owner™ system aims to help small business owners overcome these challenges by leveraging automation to build the business of their dreams.

Automate lead capture and follow up!

Segment your list for more personalized and timely marketing!

View marketing campaign results in real time and adjust on the fly!

Shrink the sales cycle!

Build consistency and accountability into your sales process!

Lead scoring to help you know which leads to work and when!

Standardize customer service!

Keep your team informed and prepared to deliver their best!

Track and measure fulfillment processes in real time and adjust on the fly!


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