The Scoop

Look folks, we don’t think we need to explain to you what it means when we say It’s “Crunch Time”…  All of us (including our customers) have been working harder than ever to keep our competitive edge and keep sales driving in.

To make it easy on everyone, we have created a powerful 2 part training experience to empower your list of Entrepreneurs, Authors, Coaches, Small Business Owners and Experts to take control of their business by getting the phones RINGING with prospects and DRIVING  Sales… TODAY!

You are going to love how we tie this all together and MAKE IT SO EASY to share the powerful content your list is going to thank you for sharing.

And, you are going to love the very generous commissions you earn just for getting the word out to your email list.  We took care of all the small details for you and have the emails drafted and ready to go, too.  It couldn’t be easier.

Sounds pretty awesome right? Keep reading through this page (and don’t forget to watch the video) to learn all about this easy way to make yourself look good and put extra cash in your pocket.

Welcome to the Launch!

The Programs

We created 2 killer programs aimed at getting your audience focused on landing more sales now!

Here is a look at the offering:

(Free Program-4 Part Video Series)  Title: 3 Go To Strategies To Increase Your Sales 

Take a peek at

This is a Complimentary Video Training Series.  We walk them through 3 proven strategic steps aimed at landing more sales. Professionally designed and jam packed with content, this series is going to impress your list of contacts! We follow up with a fourth BONUS video that invites them to the 2nd part of this program, a paid coaching and mentoring program.

(Paid Program- Our Upsell) Laser Coaching

Laser Coaching ($997 investment)  is an in-depth intensive mentoring program, we’ll pick-up on the training already received in the video series and show participants how to align their businesses for major growth.

Here is how it works: The intention of this fast-paced, highly focused coaching program is to hone in on specific marketing/sales challenges that your audience is facing and coach them through it for quick results!  The participants will sign-up for Six (6) prescheduled 30-minute phone or Skype coaching sessions. They will be coached by one of the Online Marketing Muscle Master Coaches; Dean Mercado or Bill Baylis (and sometimes both depending on the specific needs of each client). Focused Driven Templates will be supplied as an added BONUS. Laser Coaching has been one of our staple coaching programs for years.  It sells itself and converts like gangbusters! And remember you get a $200.00 check for each sale!

The Payout

This is what is really going to GET YOU the MOST!

You will get a HUGE $200.00 COMMISSION on the $997 product.

So simple and easy for just sending out a couple of emails. 🙂

"Evergreen" Launch dates

Flexible promotion mailings.

Feel free to place the mailings on the exact dates that work best for you!

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