Why We Love Keap (and you should too)!

Have you ever heard of marketing automation? Sales automation? How about workflow automation? Need to get more leverage on your business?

In this video segment, Keap Certified Partner and enthusiast Dean Mercado of Online Marketing Muscle identifies five ways Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft) has made a huge impact on his business (as well as the businesses of many of his Clients).

Video Transcript

Hi! Have you heard of concepts like marketing automation, workflow automation, or sales automation, or how about have you heard about Keap?

Well, hi, I’m Dean Mercado from Online Marketing Muscle, and I just wanted to chat for a few minutes today about why we love Keap and why we think you should too. So what I put together were five things that, as a business owner, really impacted our business and things you should know about that maybe you want to consider how these could impact your business as well.

Without further adieu, the first particular one is the most powerful. It’s the most impactful one for us, and that was a concept that we call “Clone the Owner.”

As small business owners, we all see the challenge in finding the right talent or having something done as well as we think we can do it. So delegation always becomes an issue. So on and so forth. So the challenge is we can’t be everywhere as small business owners.

Now I got an excellent clip because this brought to mind one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid. After all, I was a huge baseball fan. So check this out. The cartoon is Bugs Bunny against the Gas House Gorillas.

Now isn’t that how it feels to us as business owners? It feels like you’re playing first base, second base, shortstop, third base; you’re playing every position. So how many balls can we have in the air before things drop, right?

Keap has empowered my company and many of our client’s companies to be able to clone the owner. I could automate some things that were hard to get to allow us to do more. And I know a lot of our clients would say how do you manage all of that, and I’m laughing because I know that a big part of it is marketing automation and workflow automation using Keap. Some very, very cool stuff.

Now that leads us to the second big point.

I wanted to make it, which has a lot to do with it, caused us to define and refine our core processes and systems. Now, huge for a business. We all say oh yeah, we’ve got a system for that. But do you? Is it defined? Is it duplicatable? We found it hard to get someone to come in and do one of our processes, so even though I had all the processes and systems up here, maybe they weren’t adequately documented on paper. Or maybe they hadn’t been updated in a while, so things have changed a little bit. You probably can relate. You know, hey, we’ve got a million things going on. It forced us to define and refine, and as we were doing that, we were able to automate then, so what it created was the ability to get more things done in less time at a higher quality than we were before.

Pretty awesome!

The third point that I wanted to bring up is another cool one.

As somebody that loves marketing and sales, and I believe that we’re all in marketing and sales as business owners, don’t fool yourself. You are! The bottom line here is that we increased our ability to follow up and follow through with prospects, leads, clients, and even employees. It allowed us to be more consistent, which is huge for a small business.

Alright, we want to give that warm and fuzzy feeling that we are consistent. Consistency sells. When things are inconsistent, people feel uncomfortable, and they don’t know, they may not understand why they don’t feel good about you, but consistency is critical. So that was huge, follow up and follow through.

The fourth and the fifth items kind of tie together, and they’re hugely important.

You know, email marketing type tools, automation type tools in the past, really didn’t have the ability to do proper what we call list segmentation. So instead of having one big bucket of all your contacts in one bucket, this allows us to take all of our contacts and split them up into small buckets. Some buckets are overlapping. So we can identify the demographics and the psychographics and geographics of all of our contacts.

Who bought what led to the fifth one of these, empowering us to target the market better.

Now that we have our list segmented, instead of sending out an email blast to 10,000 people and spraying one message at all of them, we can pinpoint a message on marketing automation. If these 2,000 over here didn’t show any interest in marketing automation, we don’t want to send them that message. We want to be able to send people what they’re interested in. So this way, we become more relevant and more important and more impactful to that prospect, to that lead, to that client. We are able to segment and do better-targeted marketing.

Recap real quick.

Clone the Owner® HUGE for us!

The ability to define and refine our processes… HUGE for us!

The ability to follow up and follow through more consistently… HUGE for us!

The ability to segment and target our marketing… HUGE for us!

Take a look at your own business. See how the advice fits you or how it may impact your business.

I am always willing to have a conversation. So take care and make it a fantastic day for yourself.

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